American Cuisine - Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs

Nothing is more American than, let’s say, hot dogs fresh off the charcoal grill! A thrilling baseball game, walk in the ballpark, or a movie night out is incomplete without a hotdog vendor nearby, entrancing you with the tantalizing aroma of the simmering sausages. When prepared with… Read More

Chicago Restaurants - Chicago Hotdogs

Chicago Hotdogs

The Chicago Hot Dog, unlike anywhere else in the US, is a scrumptious fare elevated to worship status and protected by intense local pride. You say a smattering of sauerkraut and a smearing of mustard is all a hotdog needs? Chicagoans laugh and condescend, rightly! Construed as… Read More

Honolulu Restaurants - Poke


While the rest of the world may be swept up in the Sushi craze, Hawaiians have their own rendition of the deceptively simple (although a more opulent adaptation as sashimi can be conjured up from rough cuts of any less expensive fish) and sinfully scrumptious seafood salad,… Read More

Austin Restaurants - Coffeehouses


For a town whose lifeblood is coffee, sprawling coffeehouses catering to a bustling crowd, is a sight so dear to Austin. Whether it is the artisanal hand-roasted beans, the immaculately balanced lattes, rendering credit to the trained baristas with the quintessential Austin vibe, or the feel-at-home unpretentious… Read More

American Cuisine - Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is without a doubt, America’s favorite protein! Biting in to a well-browned crispy skin with a tender succulent meat inside and the scrumptious glaze running down the lips, makes you want to rip the bone clean of the lip-smacking goodness. 4th of July just passed… Read More

American Cuisine - Cheeseburgers


When you talk of the American cuisine, cheeseburgers are essential! If you are acquainted with Popeye the Sailor, you are probably familiar with J. Wellington Wimpy, the cowardly mooch with a penchant for plotting schemes on how to get scrumptious food without paying for it. He had… Read More

American Cuisine - Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich

If America had the Foodie World Cup, then the Reuben sandwich would win nothing short of gold! An enticing amalgamation of corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing between freshly baked rye bread, and there you have the lunch from heaven! Mistakenly referred to as a… Read More

American Cuisine - Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak

For most “united steaks of American” red blooded men, there’s nothing like a good sirloin steak for dinner! Delve in to your guilty pleasure and bite in to the heavenly goodness of sizzling, pan seared, not-too-tender not-too-tough generic slab of succulent meat and let the savory juices… Read More

American Cuisine - Brick Oven Pizza

Brick Oven Pizza

If Clara Peller, of Wendy’s Hamburger fame, had been truly intrigued about discovering America’s true favorite in the food department, she might have asked more appropriately “Where’s the Mozzarella?” Like football, pop music and democracy, brick oven pizza stands in the long line of things that begin… Read More