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USAHappyHour.com’s mission is to showcase great restaurants that offer amazing Happy Hours full of fantastic food and beverage deals. We strive to create good times for you and your friends with great food & drink. Our promise is to work tirelessly to maintain the most up to date information on Happy Hours across the United States based on your personal preferences. And most important of all, you will never have to sign-up and USAHappyHour.com will always be free to use. Simply put, our goal is to make you Happy by offering accurate information on great food and drinks deals. Cheers to You!

Nick Stoker



Grand Opening

The year was 1990 and I opened a restaurant in a high traffic and very popular tourist area with a buddy from school. Our plan was simple, crush the competition by offering great food and drinks at the lowest prices possible. A few months later, while we were ordering supplies for the grand opening I saw the thing that would surely set us apart from other restaurants in the city. It was sitting there on the shelf of a restaurant supply store, a 46oz monster beer mug!

Monster Beer Mug

Offering the biggest beer in the city for the best price, great food, and a great location is what we did from day one. The monster beer mugs were so big that most people would use two hands to lift it. A week or so after the grand opening the monster mug started to gain popularity with local patrons and tourists. One night during an inventory check we noticed quite a few monster mugs were mysteriously missing. As I looked at the empty shelf that would have held the missing mugs I realized two things. We needed to buy more monster mugs and that we had created something people really enjoyed.

Customers Were Happy

One day I came to the restaurant with a new outdoor barbeque and packages of Italian sausages and sausage patties from a local delicatessen, Dino’s Deli, as we used as much locally produced food as possible in the menu. I pushed the barbeque to the corner of the patio next to a busy sidewalk and started grilling some of the meat from Dino’s Deli. The smell of the meat cooking on the barbeque would draw people toward the patio from a mile away, especially if the wind was just right. When the people were close enough I would offer them a seat on the patio and a free sausage or patty if they ordered a monster mug. Pretty soon every table on the patio had a monster mug on it and once the patio was full the restaurant started filling up. Our customers were happy, having a good time, and they kept coming back. I knew once again we had created something people really enjoyed.

Legions of People

A few years later we became victims of our own success when the lease was due for renewal and we found ourselves in competition with a large company for our restaurant space. As the saying goes, sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. Before they took down the huge spinning sign bearing our restaurant’s name I had to see it one last time. As I stood under the sign there were legions of people passing all around me. People that I would have enticed with free food to sit on my patio and have a beer. People I could have made happy, people that could have had a good time, and people that would have come back. Many people walking all around me and my restaurant with its lights out, doors locked, and paper covering the windows. Someone once told me, “Its not how life is treating you. Its how you are treating life.”

Cruise Ships and Casinos

Since then I have taken every opportunity to sharpen my culinary skills, graduated college, and fortified my passion for the restaurant industry. Over the past 20 years, I held almost every job imaginable in the restaurant industry from family restaurants, to fine dining, to top tourist destinations, to cruise ships, and casinos. I learned from some of the best in the industry during my quest to find the perfect balance between food service and guest service. I suppose that makes me somewhat of a foodie by design. Now I am using my experience to help bring to the forefront restaurants that offer great food, drinks, and guest service for a great price.


I will never forget the way people reacted to tasty fresh locally produced food and a gigantic mug of beer at the lowest price in the city. That is why in 2010 I came up with USAHappyHour.com to connect great restaurants with value minded customers. This site offers tens of thousands of food and drink deals across the USA, loads of local information, food blogs, ratings and reviews, coupons and so much more. The list of features goes on and on but the fun is in the discovery so start searching and find out for yourself. I built this website as a tribute to the hard working people in every restaurant, pub, and food service establishment that take pride in making customers happy. So eat well, drink well, and be kind to each other because it is the diversity of our food from coast, to coast, to shining coast that brings us closer together.

Special Thank You

With thousands of great food and drink deals from across the USA to make make any visitor to this website happy, we would like to thank all the people that assisted in creating this website. Most importantly we would like to thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read our History. I know we have created something people really enjoy, USAHappyHour.com!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments regarding this website. Please email me at nickstoker@usahappyhour.com.


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