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We made this list of best restaurants in LA informative and unbiased by listening and learning from none other than real everyday Angelenos. Virtually endless are the reviews and recommendations found on the internet telling you which restaurants to avoid and which restaurants should be cherished. But we decided on a different approach to gathering information for this rather fun yet tremendously important research. In an effort to uncover the organic truth about the best restaurants in LA we relied on word-of-mouth, local legend, the grapevine, and (in a couple of instances) folklore. This list of restaurants was created for anyone in Los Angeles that would appreciate local insider information about Los Angeles restaurants coming straight from local Angelenos.

So we packed our bags, hitched a ride, and landed on the sandy beaches of Los Angeles hungry, thirsty, and a long way from home. We had one objective while in California and that is to dive deep into the Los Angeles culinary scene and let our taste buds guide the way. It all sounds like fun and games but sampling some of the best menu items prepared by professional chefs in some of the most celebrated restaurants in the world is a lot harder than it seems. We had to browse hundreds of menus, contact dozens of restaurants, interview many local Angelenos, eat one delectable dish after another, guzzle fine wine and fancy cocktails, and make time to nap throughout the day. Not to mention all the craft beer we had to endure. Working for a living is tough when you’re a food writer.

The number of restaurants in LA is massive to say the least and to be called one of the best restaurants in LA you have to build a reputation the hard way, by creating one happy customer at a time. One could certainly pay their way to the top by leasing a fancy location, launching clever marketing campaigns, and hiring the right public relations company. But the fall will come as fast as the rise unless there is special something that will set the restaurant apart from all the others in an already saturated Los Angeles restaurant market. Figuring out exactly what customers want is about as difficult as guessing someone’s name. However, once a restaurant starts exceeding expectations we, as customers, are you willing to line up around the block to have a taste.

Get ready to put your money where your mouth is because after sifting through our edible list of best restaurants in LA you are bound to find a restaurant that will pique your interest. Soon you will be telling family and friends about the best restaurant in LA that you have just discovered. Without further ado we would like to present to you our findings and share our experiences as we ate our way through LA.



Cuisine:  Italian

Price:  $$$

Happy Hour:

Sunday – Thursday 5:30pm – 7pm

$5 crispy fingerling potatoes
$6 chickpea panelle
$6 stuffed fried olives
$10 marinara or margherita pizza

$7 imported draft beer (glass)
$9 well cocktails
$9 house wine by the glass
$10 specialty cocktails
$17 imported draft beer (pitcher)



Cuisine:  New American

Price:  $$$

Happy Hour:

Tuesday – Sunday 5:30pm – 7pm

Various happy hour food specials

Various happy hour drink specials

*Menu Is Driven By Farmer’s Market Availability. Offerings May Vary From Day-To-Day.


Cal Mare

Cuisine:  Italian

Price:  $$$

Happy Hour:

Monday – Saturday 4pm – 7pm
Sunday 2pm – 8pm

$5 potato focaccia pinwheel
$6 house cured olives
$8 fried rainbow cauliflower
$9 mozzarella
$9 oven-roasted vegetable
$11 market pizza
$11 crudo of the day
$13 duck pizza
$16 antipasto Italiano

$4 Peroni
$5 amaro
$6 select wine by the glass
$6 select sparkling wine by the glass
$7 specialty cocktail
$7 aperol spritz


Accomplice Bar

Cuisine:  New American

Price:  $$

Happy Hour:

Monday – Friday 5pm – 7pm

$3 veggie egg roll
$5 General Tso cauliflower
Plus daily happy hour food specials

50% off wine
$4 draft beer
$7 specialty cocktails
Plus daily happy hour drink specials




Cuisine:  American

Price:  $$

Happy Hour:

Monday – Friday 5pm – 7pm

$6 hummus plate
$7 crispy cauliflower
$7 chicken liver toast
$7 roasted carrots
$8 roasted beets
$8 pâté bahn mi
$9 coconut curry wings
$10 pizza of the day

$6 rotating draft beer
$6-$8 select wine by the glass
$7 specialty cocktail
$9 bartender’s choice
$10 beer and a shot



Cuisine:  Argentinean

Price:  $$

Happy Hour:

Monday 11am – 12am
Tuesday – Friday 4pm – 7pm
Saturday 5pm – 7pm

$1.50 Brazilian chicken wing
$2 provoleta bite
$4 fried chicken slider
$5 ceviche toastada
$12 “animal style” fries

$9 beer and a shot
$9 specialty cocktails
$9 wine by the glass
$9 prosecco


Bar Amá

Cuisine:  Tex/Mex

Price:  $$

Happy Hour:

Monday – Thursday 5:30pm – 7pm & 10pm – 11pm
Friday 5:30pm – 7pm & 11pm – 12am
Saturday 3pm – 5:30pm
Sunday 9pm – 10pm

$3 deviled eggs
$4 hot sauce flight with chips
$4 tostada
$5 tacos
$5 soladera pickles
$5 SNH queso fundido
$6 SNH guacamole
$6 corn quesadilla
$7 taquitos
$8 super nachos
$9 vegan super nachos
$9 Nana’s frito pie

$4 Mexican beer
$5 michelada
$8 wine by the glass
$8 sangria
$8 Amá margarita


The Belvedere

Cuisine:  Mediterranean

Price:  $$$$

Happy Hour:

Thursday 5pm – 8pm

shawarma tacos
charred grilled octopus
corn crab cakes
smoked salmon crudo
oysters on the half shell
roasted cauliflower flatbread

Anejo old fashioned
wine by the glass
cucumber basil margarita

*Pricing available at the restaurant.


Michael’s Santa Monica

Cuisine:  New American

Price:  $$$

Happy Hour:

Monday – Saturday 5:30pm – 7pm

$8 marinated olives
$8 lettuce & seed salad
$10 “animal style” steak fries
$12 peads & barnetts muffaletta (half order)
$12 calamari
$13 sichuan pork dumplings
$13 smash burger
$20 peads & barnetts muffaletta (full order)

$1.79 daily cocktail (5:30pm – 6pm only, 1 per guest)
$5 select beers
$8 classic cocktails


Madre! Oaxacan Restaurant and Mezcaleria

Cuisine:  Mexican

Price:  $$

Happy Hour:

Monday – Friday 3pm – 6pm & 10pm – 11pm

$6 half salad
$6 taco de arrachera
$7 taco de chapulines
$7 la gringa
$8 chicken taquitos
$8 chicken nachos with mole
$8 garnachas
$8 queso fundido con chorizo
$8 empanda de huitlacoche
$8 quesadilla de flor de calabaza
$8 tostada de mole
$8 taquitos enchilados
$9 shrimp ceviche tostada

$1 off draft beer
$4 bottled beers
$9 house wine by the glass
$9 specialty cocktails


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