Best Restaurants in LA

We made this list of best restaurants in LA informative and unbiased by listening and learning from none other than real everyday Angelenos. Virtually endless are the reviews and recommendations found on the internet telling you which restaurants to avoid and which restaurants should be cherished. But… Read More


Bartenders’ Best Kept Secrets

If you have ever been to a restaurant during happy hour or spent any amount of time sitting around a bar, you start to realize the person pouring your drinks is more than just a living encyclopedia of the elixirs. Tending a bar is a profession that… Read More


93.7 Billion Chicken Wings

There was once a day in the not so distant past when chicken wings were tossed straight in the garbage. Regarded as an undesirable and inedible part of the chicken for many years chicken wings were never considered for consumption. Millions of delicious chicken wings were wasted… Read More


Boycott Boiled Meat

Since launching the number of visitors has been rapidly increasing week by week, month by month. With 1,000’s of visitors per week I figured this might be the perfect place to get things off my chest, air things out, or even go on a rant. So… Read More


Beer Gardens

Beer gardens are making a resurgence and popularizing outdoor drinking once again. Most of us are used to drinking indoors but you cannot keep cooped up something that brings so much happiness and joy to so many people. The concept of drinking outdoors is certainly nothing new.… Read More



There is an endless number of different beers available to quench our thirst in a variety of flavors. Beer producers maintain a constant barrage of beverages parading right before our eyes in an effort to get us to open your wallet and gulp one down. Very specific… Read More


A Service Industry Story

My work experience has primarily been in the restaurant and hospitality industry. I held almost every job within a restaurant and picked up a passion for food. For decades, I worked job after job all sharing a common denominator, food. And as everyone is aware, where there… Read More


Elements of a Great Bar

Fortunately, there are a lot of bars out there. Some are great most of them not so great. A bar can be very personal and a place where everybody knows your name. And everyone will agree there is nothing better than going to your favorite place and… Read More


Food Fraud

The question of whether or not you are actually getting the exact same food that is listed on the menu has lingered in the restaurant industry. What guarantee is there that you are going to get exactly what you ordered? Are there any checks and balances in… Read More


Dive Bars

Whether or not you frequently attend or aren’t willing to admit hanging out at a dive bar with its dim lighting and it’s less than traditional methods of interior design. Most of us can recall spending an evening or two in a local watering hole at some… Read More


The Future of Los Angeles Restaurants

The current competitive nature of the restaurant industry in Los Angeles has amateur and veteran restaurateurs looking for different approaches to opening a new eatery. Pop-up restaurants are the latest craze and the public seems to be in love with the idea of adding a new one… Read More


Happy Hour Las Vegas

Two red dice tumble across the green felt and in between stacks of chips, young men and women dressed to impress are crowded around smoky card tables, a pit boss nervously watches a high limit player, a drummer ques the band as a slot machine’s jackpot bells… Read More


Happy Hour Returns to Chicago

It’s been almost two years since Governor Bruce Rauner has made Happy Hour legal in the state of Illinois, with certain restrictions. And since the repeal of the happy hour ban that was placed into action back in 1989, Chicago has been on the forefront with the… Read More


What Is Happy Hour?

The term Happy Hour sounds very inviting even if you do not know exactly what it entails. In all honesty, if you place the word “happy” in front of almost any other word it automatically sounds like something fantastic is about to happen. And happy hour is… Read More