Milwaukee Restaurants – Beer Cheese Soup

Milwaukee is no doubt famous for three things – beer, cheese and yeah you guessed it, beer cheese soup. Although there is no doubt about the fact that it is also home to a number of heavenly, fattening cuisines that are absolutely to die for. If you… Read More

Milwaukee Restaurants - Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter

Known for its intricate beers, the largest selection of cheese, and sausages, Milwaukee’s delectable cuisine revolves around its scrumptious staples. Since cheese is the pride and lifeblood of the cheese city, it’s only tangible that the cheese platter is the quintessential staple of Milwaukee, flaunting its legacy.… Read More

Milwaukee Restaurants - Pierogi


Milwaukee is a bustling city teeming with immigrants and an even wider array of cuisines catering to myriad dietary eccentricities. Your ancestors may hail from somewhere west or south of Warsaw, but if you are a Milwaukeean, the pierogi is yours, too. Few things in life are… Read More

Milwaukee Restaurants - Chili


What beats a miserable Midwest autumn weather, but a steaming hot bowl slopped to brimming with greasy, tantalizingly spicy, totally-bad-for-your-body but exquisitely-good-for-your-brain chili! A loose chili meat sauce drizzled with spice oil, heaped with red beans, served over buttered spaghetti, no gourmet “al dente” here, and topped… Read More

Milwaukee Restaurants - Bratwurst


Thanks to the German legacy of the brew city, Bratwursts, the Wisconsin’s sole food, are the lifeblood of Milwaukeeans’ backyard barbeques, festivals, sports, and just about everywhere two people meet! This sausage unites friends and neighbors around the grill on sunny and snowy tailgating parties, elucidating the… Read More