Happy Hour Las Vegas

Two red dice tumble across the green felt and in between stacks of chips, young men and women dressed to impress are crowded around smoky card tables, a pit boss nervously watches a high limit player, a drummer ques the band as a slot machine’s jackpot bells start ringing. All around the place is buzzing with excitement but really it’s another typical day in Las Vegas. A typical day in a city where nothing is what it seems. This is probably the reason Las Vegas has earned the nickname Sin City. It’s what is going on behind the scene that counts. Everybody wants to be the guy in the VIP booth at the club, staying in a penthouse suite, eating at the finest restaurants, wearing the latest fashion, while being whisked around town in a shiny black limousine.

You probably heard about the thousands of dollars people will spend in a single night at the hottest club or celebrity Chef’s restaurant. You may know about the mound of money it takes to get a cabana by the pool or to buy a round of drinks at a hotel lounge. With all the high rollers and big ballers blowing stacks of their hard earned money in Las Vegas you might bet that a place this luxurious would never offer happy hour. Well, allows us to enlighten you, Las Vegas Boulevard has more happy hours than Area 51 has UFO sightings. There are Happy hours of all different types of cuisines and culinary creations, from the all-you-can-drink college party bars to happy hours at world renowned fine dining restaurants. The Las Vegas Boulevard has a lot of value to offer for those willing to spend a little time on research and USAHappyHour.com has hundreds of happy hours on The Strip, in Las Vegas, and in surrounding areas.

Planning on going to the club or to see a show while in Las Vegas? There is no better place than Las Vegas Boulevard to enjoy a pre-club or pre-show happy hour. The competition for your business is fierce and most restaurants slash their prices between the hours for lunch and dinner. In this desert the afternoon belongs to those who seek hours of happiness on the Las Vegas Boulevard. Now there is nothing wrong with splurging for a dining experience at a Michelin Star restaurant but it’s not likely you will choose fine dining for every meal every day.

Chances are you are not going to leave Las Vegas any richer than you were when you landed so having a daily budget might be your best interest. If you decide to go to a couple of happy hours on The Strip while visiting Las Vegas will definitely be favorable to that budget. When it comes to gambling, the bad thing is you’re going to need all the help you can get to build a big enough bankroll to take down the casinos. The good thing about gambling is when you do finally win all the casinos money and you decide to purchase the casino, you get to name it anything you want. We think that “USAHappyHour Hotel & Casino” would make a strong name for your new Las Vegas resort. Just a suggestion.

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