Happy Hour Returns to Chicago

It’s been almost two years since Governor Bruce Rauner has made Happy Hour legal in the state of Illinois, with certain restrictions. And since the repeal of the happy hour ban that was placed into action back in 1989, Chicago has been on the forefront with the implementation of the new happy hour law. Like many in favor of the new law, the Illinios Restaurant Association have been long time advocates for change and have celebrated the new opportunities for restaurateurs and bar operators throughout the state and especially in the city of Chicago.

This was big news for the tourism industry in Chicago and levels the playing field for restaurants and bars so they can stay competitive with businesses in neighboring states. There are many that are against the new  law saying that happy hour only promotes drinking and will increase the number of drunk drivers on the road. This is a very valid point but in today’s technological environment with website services such as UBER and Lyft, making the right decision by getting someone to drive you home has never been easier. Most people would make the right decision if they are presented with better alternative options rather than driving drunk. This is one of the main reasons why we have included over 6500+ links to UBER links on almost every page on our website, https://USAHappyHour.com. Services such as UBER and Lyft are good to have on your phone ready to go. Usually you never know when you will need a ride until you need a ride.

Ever since the glorious emancipation of happy hour in the State of Illinios, Chicago has been the epicenter for all things relating to deals on food and drink. Happy hour was adopted so rapidly in Chicago it was easy to tell that both restaurant owner’s and customers were eagering waiting on the sidelines for the new happy hour law to pass. Though happy hour was made legal it wasn’t done so without a set of restrictions that every food & beverage establishment needs to enforce in order to operate within the legal guidelines. For instance, drinks can be discounted for up to 4 hours per day, not more than 15 hours per week, and requires notice of the discounts 7 days prior to the promotion period. Also, 2-for-1 drink deals are not allowed and all happy hour promotions must end by 10pm. Even with all the restrictions there is a lot of leeway within the new happy hour law that allows restaurants much more creative freedom when coming up with a menu and prices.

Any way you slice it, Chicago is now a main player on the Happy Hour stage and there are no signs this will momentum slow down. A city that is known for it’s diversity, it’s history, and legendary sports is now a happier place due to a few guys signing a couple of legal documents, probably while enjoying a couple of cocktails and a few appetizers. At least that’s how we imagined it. We just have one question for the politicians in Illinios. What took you so long?

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