Phoenix Restaurants – Burritos

Famed for incorporating the bona fide American Spirit more aptly than any other Mexican-American fare, the scrumptious mound of assorted ingredients wrapped snuggly together in a tender tortilla and doused in hot sauces makes burritos a pertinent metaphor for today’s United States! Each bite of this delectable grub doles out an impeccable proportion of tender beans, succulent meat, oozing cheese, spicy rice, zesty salsa, a smattering of crunchy vegetables and an assimilation of other paraphernalia, harmonizing meticulously inside the versatile casing and filled to the brimming!

You’d be hard pressed between the urge to dig right in to your burrito and the struggle of keeping it from falling apart all over you! Devoured Americanized or fused with an ethnic flair, burritos have become as quintessential a part of American Cuisine as Hamburgers! Raved about by famished travelers and locals alike, Phoenix restaurants, from glorified bodegas and inconspicuous holes-in-the-wall to flashier, younger joints, elevate this humble spread to the heights of Mexican food greatness! Consider it perhaps a Mexican food renaissance in the desert!

Few culinary creations in the world encompass an entire meal quite like a Burrito! Devouring these tantalizing bombs of epic proportions leaves one with a compact, delicious meal and a lap full of tainted clothes! Served with a trio of uber spicy sauces, you might need to douse your buds with a pitcher of water. As some burritos are too messy to eat by hand (without creating a huge mess), pros eat theirs wrapped in foil! Start slowly at one end and slowly work your way down, while the foil holds down all the flavorful juices (for the later slurping) until you get down to that last regretful bite, or dig in cautiously with a knife a fork (a sacrilegious notion for Mexican diehards).

If you can keep your burrito from spilling forth its contents, you will not only have accomplished more than most Phoenix diners, you will be knocking at the gates of burrito heaven! In addition, breakfast burritos, an evolutionary spin on the traditional Mexican spread, have also become a staple in Phoenix restaurants. You can have your choice of bacon, chorizo, ham, or sausage with eggs and potatoes or a veggie version with eggs, calabacitas, onions, and peppers, nestled between your favorite tortillas!

Also try a soft tortilla with fresh scrambled eggs, melted cheese, bacon and all the sauces combined in an immaculate matrimony of comfort and satisfaction. Burritos, as we Americans know them today, pair ancient culinary ethnicity with modern expectations. What makes burritos different from most other Mexican-American foods is the metamorphosis of this dish. “Burrito is a tortilla rolled and cooked on a griddle, then filled with a variety of condiments and rolled round a savory filling (of beef, chicken, refried beans, etc.), seasoned to taste with chili.

Burritos are a Mexican-American staple. The word, translated from Spanish for “little donkey,” first saw print in America in 1934. If fried, the burrito becomes a chimichanga.”: Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink. If you are a true burrito devotee, a visit to Phoenix is de rigueur, a necessity, the gustatory equivalent of an art lover’s pilgrimage to Florence! Happy Burrito-ing and don’t forget the napkins! You are in for a big mess!

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