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Advertising Campaign Kick Starter

We know a thing or two about effectively promoting your food & beverage establishment across the internet and social media channels. Let our experts set the foundation for the online presence of your business with a custom online advertising campaign. Guaranteed results that will make a lasting online impression for your business.
Here is how it works:

We get you started and you take the controls!

Advertising Campaign Kick Starter includes:

-Targeted Local Advertisement on USAHappyHour
-Google AdWords Campaign Kick Starter (Keywords/Page Rank)
-Social Media Kick Starter
-High Quality Content Kick Starter

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Managed Advertising Campaign

If you don’t have the time or patience to keep up with the requirements of running a successful online advertising campaign. We have you covered. Our Managed Advertising Campaigns increase your business’ revenue and exposure. Our in-house food & beverage and website development experts work together on your project to ensure the success of your business’ online advertising campaign.
Managed Advertising Campaigns include the following:

-Targeted Local Advertisement on USAHappyHour
-SEO Management (Search Engine Optimization)
-SEM Management (Search Engine Marketing)
-Google AdWords Campaign Management (Keywords/Page Rank)
-Social Media Management
-High Quality Content Management
-Free Website Development consultation

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Free Consultation

As a token of our dedication to your business’ success we would like to extend our expertise and offer free consultation to assist you in setting and accomplishing goals for your business’ online presence.

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USAHappyHour Ads

Thousands of restaurant consumers use USAHappyHour every day to make purchase decisions. USAHappyHour Ads feature your business when consumers search for nearby Food & Drink deals.


Targeted Local Advertising

USAHappyHour Ads will put your business in front of consumers nearby that are looking to make a purchase. One thing is certain, USAHappyHour users are looking for food & drink deals nearby because food & drink deals is what we are all about!

Premium Placement on Search and Competitor Business Pages

Drive USAHappyHour users to your Business Page with USAHappyHour Ads. USAHappyHour Ads appear in a variety of places including on relevant search result pages and competitor business pages.

Increase Reach on Mobile and Desktop Devices

Users on mobile devices account for over 60% of USAHappyHour’s searches. USAHappyHour Ads promote your business across all USAHappyHour platforms: mobile website, desktop, and mobile app (mobile app currently in development).

Get Maximum Exposure

Increase exposure and revenue with a variety of high traffic and superior quality advertising opportunities. Promote your business on our National, State, City, or Neighborhood pages and convert our loyal users into your loyal customers.

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