Ratings & Reviews Promotion Rules

Here Is How It works.

Leave a Rating & Review on the business listing page of your favorite happy hour and you will be automatically entered in our Monthly Drawing! No Sign-Up or Sign-In Required! Enter as many times as you like! To enter find the Ratings & Reviews Section at the bottom of every business listing, fill out the form, and click Submit. That’s it!

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Prizes You Say? What Kind Of Prizes?

Three prizes awarded per drawing:
1st Prize: $50 Cash
2nd Prize: USAHappyHour Baseball Hat
3rd Prize: USAHappyHour 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Are We Talking Real Cash Or Some Variation Of A Cash Equivalent?

We will send actual cash stuffed in a congratulations card. Just like the cards your relatives used to send you during the holidays! That’s right one crisp Ulysses S. Grant $50 bill for leaving a few words and a rating while you are enjoying a Happy Hour.

How Will I Know If I Won?

We will contact the three winners by email to finalize the details needed to mail the prizes. Please be sure to provide a proper email address.

How Will Winners Be Selected?

All the eligible entries will go into a drum, get spun around, and three names will be randomly drawn. Just like you imagined it would happen! The entirely exciting process will be available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Winners will be posted below and on Social Media upon their permission.

How Many Times Can I Enter Into A Monthly Drawing?

Enter as many times as you want! There is no limit for monthly drawing entries. Each separate Rate & Review will automatically produce a new entry.

What Are My Chances Of Winning?

The chances of winning are great considering we just recently launched this site! Overall, your chances will increase with the number of Ratings & Reviews you submit.

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

Eligible participants must be 21 years of age or older and residents of any one of the 50 States.

What If Happy Hours Are Ban In My State?

First and foremost, we would like to offer our condolences. You may want to consider moving but if that is not feasible you can still Rate & Review any business outside of your home State and become eligible for the Monthly Drawings.


Please forward any questions or concerns regarding the USAHappyHour’s Rating & Review Promotion to promotions@usahappyhour.com. Please enjoy responsibly.
USAHappyHour.com reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel the Ratings & Reviews Promotion at any time. All entries and information provided will be confidential. USAHappyHour.com will never redistributed your information.