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Got a slow Wednesday night? Connect to 1,000’s of people looking for food & drink deals for FREE. Sign up for a FREE Custom Business Listing today! Increase the web presence of your business and get some serious exposure in just minutes! Looking to place your business in front of 1,000’s of targeted users? Check out USAHappyHour Ads & Campaigns.

Included with a FREE Custom Business Listing is a business listing with 70+ points of information, search listing, mobile/printable coupon templates, social media links, social media share tool, Google Maps® directions, upload images, coupons, menus, logos, get a link to UBER® and so much more. Create a detailed online marketing campaign that will instantly increase your business’ internet presence and help to fill empty seats for FREE. Rest assured, once you have signed up we will work diligently to promote your business online while you take care of daily operations.


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Ratings & Reviews

The ratings & reviews will determine your page rank and where your business listing will appear. Here is how it works, you fill out this form and we display your business in 4 separate areas of the website: 1. National  2. State  3. City  4. Neighborhood. The popularity of the 4 areas where your business listing can be displayed will also determine the page and position of your business listing.

For example, let’s say you have four reviews all with 5 star ratings. Great! That might place you in the first position for your Neighborhood page, City page, or possibly even your State page. But four 5 star reviews might not be enough to have your business appear in the first position on the National page.

Give your business listing an automatic boost in page rank with ease. Anyone can leave a rating & review, no sign-up is required!


Offer Any Food & Drink Deal

As well as being the best happy hour search engine we also offer free online marketing tools to food & beverage businesses of all sizes. You can sign up for a FREE Business Listing and instantly create an offer by filling out this form. Stay connected with 1,000’s of hungry and thirsty people. Increase interest in your business and strengthen your web presence.

Use the free mobile coupon templates to create exclusives offers and start a coupon campaign for free. Or upload your own coupon images and expand an already active coupon campaign.


You can expand a social media campaign, backlink or SEO campaign, offer exclusive deals for USAHappyHour users, get USAHappyHour Ads & Campaigns for limited or special events. Get free online marketing, access to a niche market, and great online exposure. Set up a FREE Business Listing in just minutes!

Upload Images, Menus, Coupons, and Logo

Placing high quality images in your FREE Business Listing will draw more attention to your business. Add up to four high quality images that will speak for your business, add up to four menu images, choose 1 of 3 free coupon templates or upload an existing coupon image, and of course upload your logo. Don’t worry about formatting and resizing just send us your best quality images and we will do the rest.

70+ Points of Information

With the FREE Business Listing there are over 70 points of information that you can include about your business. Be as specific and detailed as you want. However, if getting started quickly is your plan simply enter the required 6 points of information to complete a less detailed Business Listing.


USAHappyHour Ads & Campaigns

Place your business in front of 1,000’s of viewers per day and increase your business’ internet presence. USAHappyHour gives you instant access to a niche market audience and high traffic advertising opportunities. Our services are designed to create or improve your business’ web presence and increase your visibility to those using the internet to search for food & drink deals.

USAHappyHour Ads & Campaigns include:

-Effective High Traffic Ads
-SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
-SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
-Google AdWords Campaign Management (Keywords/Page Rank)
-Social Media Management
-Affiliate Marketing Management
-High Quality Content Management
-Web Development


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