10 Best Beer Garden Happy Hours

Beware vegetarians, vegans, and friends of furry yet tasty animals! This list contains the 10 Best Beergarden Happy Hours in America to celebrate Oktoberfest. These articles seem harmless at first however once you start to uncover these mysterious outdoor drinking venues you find deliciously prepared and perfectly grilled meaty goodness being openly enjoyed by fun loving, stein wielding revelers. You may be inclined to join the celebration already in progress while enjoying the great outdoors. Temptation is abound as the smoke from the grills are wafting through the air. Yes, beware non-meat eaters because after reading these articles and checking out some of the Beergardens on our list you just may want to convert.


In recent years beergardens have made a comeback and the popular restaurant concept has a new look this time around. Today’s beergardens add the comforts modern life with a touch of the old world traditions. The craft beer craze helped with the resurgence of outdoor drinking venues by creating a new market. Gastronomy and culinary nerds everywhere found their stage to showcase New American cuisine and captivated a new and rather hungry audience. There really isn’t a cookie cutter type beergarden that one would come to expect in America. Each is very unique in its own way and exclusive in the food they offer.

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