Best Beer Garden Happy Hours

  1. Oktoberfest-2017-8
    Ashbury Festhalle Biergarten – Ashbury Park, NJ

    This New Jersey Biergarten is so "Authentische" you may need a German translator just to read the menu. If you want the same traditional biergarten experience that could have been found 100's of years ago in Europe, you found it! The Ashbury Festhalle & Biergarten in Ashbury Park stays true to tradition and would undeniably Read More win a battle of Bavarian Authenticity against any of their competitors.

    This is as real as it gets without having to get on a plane and cross an ocean. You can experience authentic biergarten traditions that Europeans have enjoyed for centuries - communal tables of friends and strangers mingling, eating, drinking, and enjoying live music and their surroundings. The menu features classic biergarten fare including crowd favorites like würsts, schnitzels and plenty of Haus Specials. However, being that Ashbury Biergarten is located in the US they do offer a few items for the less adventurous including two not-so-German hamburgers with fries. If there is an overload of all things German you can always order an American classic burger to balance things out.

    As more beergardens open each with their own characteristics for better or for worse traditions tend to change. Sometimes it's not until we almost see tradition fade away that we seek it out and hold it dear and this is especially true with restaurants. Thank you, Ashbury Biergarten, for keeping it German! Prost! Collapse

  2. Oktoberfest-2017-9
    The Beer Garden at Bohemian Hall – Astoria, NY

    The oldest beergarden in New York City also happens to be the best, biggest, most authentic, year-round beergarden in New York City. The Beergarden at Bohemian Hall sets itself apart from the plain old patios, beer tents, and all other mutated forms of outdoor drinking venues that consider themselves a beergarden. The secret to Beergarden Read More at Bohemian Hall's success has been maintaining and preserving original beergarden traditions.

    While eating the Czech and Slovak cuisine, drinking the best Bavarian beers in a setting with rows of picnic tables and trees, you start to feel a great appreciate for traditional beergardens. Not much has changed whether you were there 50 years ago or only yesterday and for good reason. One visit is all it will take to realize why so many people have fallen in love with this beautiful beergarden in the middle of a metropolitan concrete jungle. Collapse

  3. Oktoberfest-2017-4
    Lowry Beer Garden – Denver, CO

    Lowry Beer Garden is a completely casual and laid back oasis sits nestled in its own park with a 4,500 sqft garden, covered pavilion, and vast open air seating enough to accommodate 350 stein wielding partiers.

    Local craft beers from some of Colorado's finest craft breweries flow nightly out of chilled taps. Lowry's Read More serves up casual fare with locally made brats and sausage, freshly baked pretzels, house-grounded hamburgers, and some rather delightful salads.

    So assemble a crowd of no more than 350 people and head on over to Lowry's Beer Garden and immerse yourself in Colorado's craft beer culture. Collapse

  4. Oktoberfest-2017-6
    Westbrae Biergarten – Berkeley, CA

    Serving up a handful of California's hand crafted beers is Westbrae Biergarten in Berkley, California. At Westbrae great beer is accompanied by even better food but you won't find the same old brats and pretzel on the menu. Texmex is what's cooking at this crowd favorite beergarden. You will find specialty dishes such as Read More chicken tortilla soup, tuna salad sandwiches, and fresh salads. Two of the sandwiches on the menu are so good it should have it's own holiday, the Nutella Banana Pastel and the Carnitas Sandwich. Take that, boring German beergarden tradition. You just hit been kicked right in the wiener schnitzel!

    Westbrae has a following that reaches well beyond the beer taps and kitchen. In an effort nothing short of heroic, they give back to the community and do so in a variety of ways. "We believe that quality and accessible education is paramount for a healthy, happy and thriving community." Helping fund the local public school system is just one of the ways Westbrae helps the community. For every pint of ........ sold $1 is donated to the local school system. Westbrae also offers a gardening and cooking class. Plus, Westbrae helps to support local businesses like food truck owners by allowing them to serve food to Westbrae's guests. Westbrae Biergarten is by the most socially responsible beergarden in America. Collapse

  5. Oktoberfest-2017-10
    The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill – Miami, FL

    Hold on to your Viking hats this is the beefiest beergarden on our list. The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill in Miami, Florida is exactly as the name suggests. It’s a full service butcher shop were you can purchase prime cuts of meat, house-made sausages, and cleverly crafted preplanned dinners in the retail store (just add fire). Read More Or you can have them cook it for you while you hang out and enjoy one or two of the many fine beers in the Beer Garden. You can't go wrong whether you decide to stay and enjoy your meal in the Beer Garden or take the food to go and cook for family and friends. It's all about the meat at The Butcher Shop.

    Certified Black Angus beef, organic poultry, as well as offering old fashioned butchery are just a few of the reasons why The Butcher Shop has such dedicated followers. They offer 8 Prime Cuts of meat, 9 house-made sausages, 7 burgers, the finest cold cuts, cheeses, and breads. Speaking of burgers, their house-ground burgers include a Prime Sirloin Burger, Colorado Lamb Burger, Apple Bacon & Gorgonzola burger, Jalapeno & Vermont Cheddar burger, Turkey Burger, Veggie Burger, and the signature Butcher burger.

    Did I mention they sell meat at The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill? To compliment all this meaty goodness and perhaps to create a well balance menu they also offer artful appetizers, fresh salads, sandwiches, and desserts. And if that's not enough check out the Brunch with bottomless drinks. Yes, Brunch in a Butcher Shop Beer Garden, life is grand! Collapse

  6. Oktoberfest-2017-2
    Dog Haus Biergarten – Las Vegas, NV

    Dog Haus Biergarten in Las Vegas serves up the "The Absolute Würst" hot dogs, sausages, burgers, and chicken. Well known for their critically acclaimed all beef Haus dogs and hand crafted proprietary Haus sausages. Dog Haus is a beergarden where food takes the center stage away from the endlessly flowing taps of beer. Not only Read More are their culinary creations delicious, they use responsibly raise meat products that contain no hormones or antibiotics. In that case, I would like to order two of your meat sampler platers and a pillow!

    Dog Haus is conveniently located less than two miles from Las Vegas Boulevard and just a few short steps away from Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. So if you find yourself in Las Vegas and you're have a hankering for the absolute best or "The Absolute Würst" brats and beer Sin City has to offer, then head on over to Dog Haus Biergarten. Collapse

  7. Oktoberfest-2017-1
    Rhein Haus Biergarten – Seattle, WA

    Formerly named Von Trapp's, this traditional beergarden offers more than the typical gigantic stein full of beer, insanely long picnic tables, and comically huge pretzels. Rhien Haus has all that and a total awesome indoor bocce ball den. Bocce is an Italian game similar to lawn bowling and it’s not usually something you might Read More find at a beergarden. However, bocce ball and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. So after a few steins of German craft beer go hit that bocce court and show them who is boss?

    The classic German dishes found on the menu are accompanied by some old American favorites, just in case. The happy hour menu is anything but typical and offers plenty of options for discounted food & drinks. Be it the classic German food, bocce ball, or the happy hour. Whatever your reason for going to Rhien Haus, whatever excuses you have to make up, no matter how many meeting you have to reschedule, you won't be disappointed. Collapse

  8. Oktoberfest-2017-7
    Radegast Hall & Biergarten – Brooklyn, NY

    Interested in having good times with like-minded people, while drinking great beer and eating food made using recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation? If you answered "yes" then allow us to introduce you to Radegast Hall & Biergarten. This is the place for fun in the Williamsburg's neighborhood Read More of Brooklyn, New York. Go by bus, go by bike, hail an UBER, or hitch a ride. Flying solo or with your entourage, head on over to Brooklyn's very own Radegast Hall where good times and great friends are plentiful.

    In the rare and unfortunate case that you may find yourself flying solo with nothing more to do than daydream of beer steins and grilled meat. We have you covered! Embrace your need for a meaty beer binge using the following 6 simple steps:

    1. Immediately walk, run, or ride to Radegast Hall.

    2. Upon your arrival it is most important that you remain calm as you will be joined by 100's of happy beer mug wielding New Yorkers maintaining the party already in progress. Do not appear to be alarmed as it is important to blend in.

    3. You have two hands so use them! Order plenty of beer and a mound of tasty meats and dig in. Downing a liter or two of beer while smashing meat into your face will establish your intentions with the local tribes. Your barbaric nature and lack of table manners will surely impress everyone around you (or not).

    4. While blending in with the rest of the crowd, identify the leader of the largest and loudest local tribe.

    5. Send the group leader a token of your good nature in the form of a giant mug full of Bavarian brew.

    6. Raise your glass because you are not alone but in a class of your own. You have conquered the solo trip to Radegast!

    Or you can just bring a friend and save a lot of drama. Either way, when in Brooklyn you need to check out Radegast Hall & Biergarten. No....Sleep....'Til Radegast! Collapse

  9. Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden – Austin, TX

    What do you get when you take a bake shop that produces oven fresh pastries and breads good enough to supply the neighborhood Whole Foods and mix it with a beer garden? Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden, of course! These guys aren't just in the business of handing out platters of artery hardening, meaty delights accompanied Read More by copious amounts of beer. That would be too easy. They have taken their outdoor drinking venue to another level by adding a unique layer to beer gardens that is completely unheard of. The hybrid bakery/beer garden is a combination of two separate business concepts that would not be commonly paired together. Yet at Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden everything comes together seamlessly.

    While Easy Tiger is obviously in a league of its own the unpretentious and laid back atmosphere gives you the feeling that good food is abound. Food is taken very seriously around here and while baking is their passion you can bet just as much care is taken with entire menu. Not only do they take pride and care to ensure the best house-made sausages and meats are served but you can also expect the best from the lighter side of the menu.

    Easy Tiger demonstrates the art of grilling meat with the scientific perfection of baking on a daily basis. Go there, order something, and see for yourself why this place is one the best beergardens in America. Collapse

  10. Dacha Beer Garden – Washington DC

    Dacha is Washington DC's answer to a premier outdoor drinking experience. The most heavily surveilled city in the US is home to federal policy makers, super spies, and one of the best year-round beer gardens in the country. Located in Shaw neighborhood Dacha is the perfect place to meet new and old friends while enjoying delicious Read More food and one-of-a-kind drinks.

    Dacha's seasonally inspired menu stays true to its Bavarian background while incorporating locally sourced food and ingredients. Dacha Beer Garden is family friendly, pet friendly and (most important) beer lover friendly. And in case you were wondering, it is quite possible that your server is a secret government agent or spy so you may want to go there undercover. Collapse

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