Best Happy Hours Houston

  1. Caracol-Happy-Hour

    Caracol is Houston's ambassador to the most exquisite Mexican cuisine known to man. You would be selling the place short if you said that Caracol is the best Mexican restaurant in Houston. Caracol might possibly be the best Mexican restaurant on the planet. The delectable food that comes from Caracol's kitchen is truly out of Read More this world. We are talking about perfection that is on an intergalactic level.

    It does seem the great people that run Caracol are bound and determined to make every dish better than the last. You get the feeling these people are very devoted to their culinary craft. If you have any reservations about eating here just take one look at the mouthwatering menu.

    Caracol's happy hour menu is absolutely astonishing with food and drink options that most restaurants wouldn't dare to offer during happy hour. Extravagant dishes such as Fried Oyster Sandwich, Seafood Cocktail and Tostadas, Lamp Chop Lollipops, and Fresh Oysters. The drinks on Caracol's happy hour menu are equally extraordinary with inventive and magnificently crafted cocktails. Collapse

  2. Kata-Robata-Happy-Hour
    Kata Robata

    Translated to English Kata Robata means "type of grill". Despite the simplicity of their name this is Houston's premier sushi and Japanese tapas restaurant. The food created in Chef Hori's kitchen will take you on a journey of both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. But Chef Hori doesn't stop there. Kata Read More Robata presents a modern and creative array of Japanese fare with French fusion undertones. And you can wash it all down with the largest selection of Japanese whiskies and finest selection of sake in Houston.

    Kata Robata's happy hour runs daily Monday - Saturday 5pm-6:30pm and Sunday 12pm - 5pm. You are sure to find something on Kata Robata's happy hour menu that you are absolutely going to fall in love with. Our favorites were Kobe beef tacos, pork belly bun, fresh ceviche, and oyster mushroom. While you are there you can't pass up the opportunity to munch on some of Houston's best sushi rolls.

    Truthfully, you can't go wrong with any of the items on Kata Robata's happy hour menu. Go for happy hour, go for lunch or dinner, or go for a drink but just make sure that you go as soon as possible. Culinary bliss is waiting for you to discover at Kata Robata. Collapse

  3. Boheme-Happy-Hour

    This popular Houston hang out was the subject of much debate at USAHappyHour HQ as to who was going to be the chosen one to eat, drink, and review Boheme. Long story short the big boss used his political status and managerial powers to claim this one all to himself. It pays to be the boss.

    Our fearless leader says that Read More your mouth will be watering after just one look at their menu with items such as truffle mushroom pizza and smoked salmon rangoon eggrolls. The boss man said he was drooling while reading the menu descriptions. Hitting the sauce during Boheme's happy hour was the head honcho's favorite part of his field trip. He drank his weight in fancy umbrella drinks. Happy hour at Boheme consists of some spectacular drink deals for only $8 per cocktail.

    If you are planning an afternoon or evening at Boheme try to get a seat on the huge patio and enjoy a bit of the outdoors. Outdoor heaters and open flames will keep you toasty warm during the cool nights. And if perhaps you see the big cheese sitting at the bar please tell him the assignment is over and it's time to come home. You will know him by the number of little umbrellas spread out in front of him. Collapse

  4. Pistoleros-Happy-Hour

    At Pistoleros Tequila and Taco Bar, tacos and tequila go together like peanut butter and jelly. Serving tacos without the presence of tequila should be illegal. And the more tacos you eat the more tequila you are supposed to drink. At least that's how it goes at Pistoleros. We don't make the rules but will gladly abide by them. Read More Especially when you're talking about award winning gourmet tacos and masterfully crafted tequila drinks. The best tequila drinks in all of Houston as a matter of fact.

    Pistoleros offers an extensive array of unique tequilas from the much sought after Gran Patron Burdeos to generic tequilas such as Jose Cuervo. They also have aged tequila, young tequila, infused tequila, reposado tequila, silver tequila, gold tequila, you get the drift. If the tequila doesn't bring a smile to you face the food definitely will. You can expect to wrap your lips around some finest regional Mexican cuisine in Houston.

    To top it all off Pistoleros has a happy hour that has local Houstonians clamoring. Pistoleros happy hour has solidified its place as one of the greatest on the Houston happy hour scene. But don't take our word for it and check it out for yourself. Collapse

  5. Hearsay-Happy-Hour
    Hearsay Gastro Lounge

    If you have penchant for steak and seafood served in an old-school steakhouse than Hearsay Gastro Lounge is the place for you. Hearsay has won many industry awards and culinary competitions which validates it's superiority as one of Houston best restaurants. With a reputation this strong you know their happy hour menu is going to Read More be equally impressive. Happy hour here is a far cry from the regular run-of-the-mill happy hours around town as Hearsay Gastro Lounge brings back a touch of class to Houston happy hours.

    The menu offers a sophisticated approach to American cuisine and they have a dish or drink to suit every Houstonian. Not only will you be noshing on some of the best food you have ever placed your hands on but you will be doing so in one of the most unique and historical buildings in Houston. Everything comes together seamlessly with delectable food and an extensive list of beverages served in of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings in Houston.

    Hearsay's historic happy hour is held Monday - Saturday 3pm-6pm with some great deals that you really need to check out. Live music is available for your listening pleasure every Wednesday and Sunday while you sit back and sip on hand crafted cocktails. If you have not yet stumbled upon this gem in Houston's Downtown area do yourself a favor and spend an afternoon or evening with Hearsay Gastro Lounge. It might be your first time there but it definitely will not be your last. Collapse

  6. Benjys-Happy-Hour

    With service as fast as a speeding bullet and delicious food that's much better than your average restaurant, ladies and gentlemen, introducing Benjy's. This local eatery serves food sourced from local farms and ending up on your table through way of Benjy's scratch kitchen. Benjy's happy hour will satisfy your hungry Read More as well as quench your thirst with scrumptious grub and tempting cocktails.

    Benjy's happy hour has everything you never knew that you wanted. For example, you probably didn't know that you wanted pistachio crusted goat cheese cakes, red pepper & walnut spread, and winter squash pizza. But the truth is that you really do want these menu items you just haven't realized it quite yet.

    If you are looking for a happy hour that will leave you wondering how long it will be before you can return, you just found it. Benjy's has enjoyed a huge following of happy customers for decades. One visit to this locally legendary restaurant and you will find out for yourself. Collapse

  7. Dish-Society-Happy-Hour
    Dish Society

    Today's restaurant guests are demanding higher quality food and they are willing to patiently wait for it. The next generation of diners do not mind sacrificing convenience for quality. Fast food joints are being replaced by farm to table restaurants to keep up with the demand for more healthy dining options. Dish Society fits right Read More into this mold with their local and sustainable approach to creating a seasonal menu.

    The Dish Society happy hour has more to offer than most restaurants in the Houston area. Just follow the flock of happy hour enthusiasts to one of Houston's most popular happy hours and join in the festivities. Kick back with plenty of discounted food and drink deals. Most items on the happy hour menu are only five dollars. The amount of food and drinks you can get for few than 50 dollars makes this happy hour a great value. Collapse

  8. Aka-Sushi-House-Happy-Hour
    Aka Sushi House

    Sushi is becoming quite the commodity especially in large metropolitan areas across America. The only thing different about all-you-can-eat sushi joints are the clever names listed on the menu. "May I order 'Your Ex-wife' and one 'I Did Your Girlfriend' plus a side of seaweed salad?" Well, this is definitely Read More not the situation over at Aka Sushi House. At Aka Sushi House you can expect to try unique sushi techniques and flavors on every visit.

    Not only is Aka Sushi House known for its one of a kind sushi but the service is consistently outstanding. The staff are the happiest and most friendly group of people we ever encountered. We suspect the managers are allowing the staff to dip into the sake or there are some sort of drugs involved. Nobody should be this happy while they are at work and frankly this made us upset. People this happy to be working do not really exist. Do they? Have the Japanese invented a super polite robot that serves sushi?

    It has come to our attention that our leaders at USAHappyHour HQ are clearly missing the mark. We are not as happy to be at work as the staff at Aka Sushi House. So to make ourselves feel better about our misery we would like to offer a word of advice to the staff over at Aka Sushi House, "Knock it off!" However, this was the best sushi joint we tried in a long time. Collapse

  9. Luckys-Pub-Happy-Hour
    Lucky's Pub

    Lucky's Pub Downtown Houston is centrally located within walking distance of the George R. Brown convention center, Minute Maid Park, BVA Stadium and the Toyota Center. Houston's favorite after work meeting place is also Houston's best sports bar. As well as supplying all the latest scores and sports news Lucky's offers Read More a shuttle service to all games and events. Not planning on going to the game? No problem. Lucky's fanatical fans will never miss a play and can enjoy some serious grub while shouting at any one of their many screens.

    Lucky's Pub happy hour consists of drinks, drinks, and more drinks. If that isn't enough to quench your thirst they have daily drink specials on top of their happy hour. And if you still want more happy hour lasts all day long every Monday. Plus, every Tuesday is steak and pint night for the low low price of $14.95.

    Join the crowd at Lucky's for the pre-game party, mid-game party, post-game party, or no-game party. It's almost a guarantee that while at Lucky's you will find something to pique your interest. With so much going on in and around Lucky's Pub Downtown Houston anytime is a great time to drop in. Collapse

  10. Grooves-Of-Houston-Happy-Hour
    Grooves of Houston

    The Grooves of Houston happy hour is a daily event between the hours of 4pm-9pm. You will find rotating food and drink deals every day of the week. However, Friday is by far the best day to get your happy hour fix at Grooves of Houston. Friday night happy hours include half off appetizers, $0.75 drinks, and free live entertainment. Grooves Read More of Houston happy hour has one of the best happy hours in Houston and as you might imagine this place gets crazy busy on Fridays.

    Grooves of Houston hosts some top quality entertainers including DJs, bands, and comedians. Some locals claim this place as their second home and go-to spot when the need for social interaction arises. With great food, cheap drinks, and high quality entertainment choosing Grooves of Houston as your destination for the night seems like a no-brainer. Try as you may but you will not find cheaper drinks in a better atmosphere anywhere in Houston.

    DJs keep the place pumping for most of the night but be sure to get there before midnight to beat the rush of party goers and avoid waiting in line. Make sure to look your best before arriving at Groove of Houston a dress code is in full effect. No hats, t-shirts, or sporting apparel allowed. Collapse

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