Best Happy Hours Washington, DC

  1. Oyamel-Happy-Hour
    Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

    The absolute best happy hour Washington, DC has to offer has innovative and authentic Mexican cuisine, drinks that will send your taste buds to another dimension, an esthetic pleasing atmosphere that rivals any restaurant. As well, you will find a spectacular happy hour menu. Brought to you by celebrity chef José Andrés, Oyamel Cocina Read More Mexicana, sets a new standard for happy hours in DC.

    "Hora Feliz" starts at 4pm and ends at 6pm and you best get there early because by 5:15pm the place is fairly packed. No worries, the kitchen and the front of the house staff are always in sync making the service quick and on target. The kitchen is pumping out an amazing amount of tacos and loads Mexican munchies and no matter how busy they get the quality never slips. Every plate leaving that kitchen is just as delicious as the last plate that left. And this is probably why they are so busy!

    Happy hour or Hora Feliz runs Monday through Friday and the happy hour menu has the most delightful Mexican tacos, snacks, and cocktails. The best part is the happy hour menu is very inexpensive. Tacos are $2, the $4 snacks are a steal, and the cocktails for $7 are an experience in themselves. Without a doubt, Oyamel hosts Washington, DC's best happy hour!

    However, if you are still not convinced Oyamel has the best happy hour in Washington, DC this is an example of a $4 snack: ‘Smoked fish cooked in a traditional broth served in crispy housemade masa, pickled slaw and a chile pequin salsa’. Enough said! Collapse

  2. Cuba-Libre-Happy-Hour
    Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar

    Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar has many visitors to Washington, DC making this place a destination on their itineraries. Vintage pre-Castro decor, captivating atmosphere, upbeat Latin entertainment, and Chef Guillermo Pernot's exquisite menu of classic & contemporary Cuban cuisine, has throngs of people rushing to this must-experience Read More dining destination. Washington, DC is happy to be called home for one of the four Cuba Libre locations.

    Happy hour commences six nights a week from 4pm - 7pm, sorry Saturday no happy hour for you. This happy hour was in the running for the Best Happy Hour Washington, DC and it was so close we had to do a coin toss. The ten delectable food items on the happy hour menu set Cuba Libre's happy hour apart from other restaurants. Oh but we haven't even mentioned the Caipirinhas yet! The $5 Caipirinhas are so good it's bad and it doesn't help that there are four flavors to choose.

    Your first time here won't be your last, unless for some unfortunate logistical reasons you can't make it back. But on your first trip to Cuba Libre it is easy to get overwhelmed by the excitement of the entertainment, decor, the food and drink so be careful. Our interns wouldn't let the waitress pass the table without placing another order. Another table had to be added when all the stuff they ordered arrived. Next we unleash the interns on another Cuba Libre location we will have to make reservations and give the staff fair warning. Collapse

  3. Rosa-Mexicano-Happy-Hour
    Rosa Mexicano

    Next on the list of the best happy hours Washington, DC has to offer is a longtime favorite for the residents of DC that have a penchant for really great Mexican cuisine. Rosa Mexicano is an institution of elevated Mexican cuisine and has a reputation spanning decades. If you are not familiar with Rosa Mexicano then you are missing out Read More on a dining experience that is most likely on many foodies restaurant bucket list.

    For those who are not familiar with Rosa Mexicano the first location opened in New York City. 30 years and 1,000's of happy customers later Rosa Mexicano has opened locations in almost every major metropolitan area. Their popularity is a testament to their passion for bringing Mexican cuisine to the next level.

    Rosa Mexicano's happy hour consists some of the most magnificently crafted margaritas you have ever laid your lips on. Wine by the glass will only set you back $6 and $5 for a cerveza. Plus, there are a few other tantalizing adult beverages to tempt your curious side such as, frozen mango margaritas. Olé! Collapse

  4. Ambar-Capitol-Hill-Happy-Hour
    Ambar Capitol Hill

    The one item on the happy hour menu that had us drooling as soon as we placed the order was "the mussels with a drinking problem", better known as Drunken Mussels. It reminded me of a restaurant near the beach in my hometown. We would sit on the patio for hours eating bowl after bowl of mussels and drinking enough craft beer Read More to fill an aquarium. Come to think of it we went there quite often. So often, in fact, I wonder how I was able to stay employed. I wonder how many hours I worked in order to buy more mussels and craft beer. This is becoming very depressing and it’s time for a subject change.

    Why do oysters go to the gym? Because it's good for their mussels.

    That should do it! Drunken Mussels are not the only reason Ambar's happy hour is enormously popular with DC locals. The drinks are great, the staff is friendly, and the food is so scrumptious. The cuisine is Balkan and believe me when I say, “Balkan food is good." Hummus, kabobs, and other Mediterranean delights are here for your belly. If you have a taste for fine brandy then you are in for a treat because five dollars gets you a glass of authentic Balkan Rakia. There are many different types of Rakia from the subtle and sweet to home-brew fire water. For all you Rakia rookies make sure to read the label before you partake. Collapse

  5. Dukes-Grocery-Happy-Hour
    Duke's Grocery

    Getting its inspiration from ubiquitous corner cafés, bodegas and curry joints of the East London neighborhoods of Shoreditch, Duke's Grocery is one of Washington, DC's most popular neighborhood bars. If you can appreciate a quaint pub that regularly updates a chalkboard to advertise daily specials made from scratch then you Read More are going to love Duke's Grocery. The good people from Duke's Grocery source all their food from local purveyors with an emphasis on sustainable ingredients. You might never find another neighborhood pub like Duke's that holds such high standards for food quality and value.

    The atmosphere is laid back and unpretentious and guest will find it very easy to settle in and start having a good time. The idea started with a couple of guys who love good food and cold drinks. The interior of the restaurant is warm and welcoming with wooden floors, wooden walls, murals, and outdoor seating when weather permits. This seems like an unlikely place to find top-notch food but don't let the modest neighborhood bar facade fool you. Collapse

  6. Boqueria-Happy-Hour

    Inspired by tapas bars that surround the famous food market, "El Mercado de la Boqueria", Washington DC'S Boqueria serves market driven authentic Spanish cuisine in an atmosphere that sparks connections with people, food and wine. Boqueria is Barcelona in the middle of the nation's capital. It's not easy to stand Read More out in a crowded restaurant market like Washington DC has so you know they are serving up something really special.

    Seared tuna, avocado, jalapeño, and mojo verde, on a brioche bun, served with patatas bravas and mixed greens! Now that's a sandwich, seriously. Or maybe you fancy something more substantial and from the Nightly Market Specials menu like black squid ink Fideua with sepia, clams, shrimp, sofrito, picada, lobster stock, garlic allioli, and chives. Holy freakin molé! Collapse

  7. Commissary-Happy-Hour
    Commissary DC

    A staple for Washington, DC's residents are the daily happy hours held at Commissary DC. Good food, great staff, and strong drinks all for an incredibly reasonable price. What sets this place apart from the rest is the fun experience the staff creates even when the restaurant is packed. And it all takes place in a welcoming and comfortable Read More atmosphere. Drop in on the Commissary during happy hour and you will see why DC residents have been frequenting this spot for years.

    During happy hour you can expect to have a hard time choosing what to order. With two dozen food choices and even more drink options Commissary is definitely a contender for Washington, DC's largest happy hour menu. It might also be DC's most fairly priced happy hour menu. The happy hour prices are always between $3 - $7 and the happy hour times are conveniently between 3pm - 7pm daily. But wait there's more! Every Tuesday all happy hour tacos and beers are only $2.50. This is not a typo: happy hour tacos and beers are two dollars and fifty cents on Tuesdays. You can finally sponsor your own personal taco eating and beer drinking challenge. Good luck! Collapse

  8. Red-Derby-Happy-Hour
    Red Derby

    The Red Derby has been a neighborhood steadfast for many years. The no frills, laid back, come as you are atmosphere has the locals lining up to get through the doors. If you are a fan of the can, Red Derby, sells only canned beer and they stock almost every beer available. The cuisine is American and the food is levels above your typical Read More neighborhood watering hole. Red Derby also has daily food specials that might pique your interest such as Seafood Sunday, Taco Tuesday, and Wing Wednesday with a side of Mario Kart to name a few.

    DC's most beloved neighborhood bar hosts one of the best happy hours for adult beverages. The drinks are flowing like Niagara Falls seven days a week during happy hour. If you to Red Derby Thursday through Sunday and you're not getting a deal on drinks it's just a matter of bad timing because there are two happy hours per day. Go there with the munchies and you might have a hard time deciding what to order. Take a close look at Red Derby's menu and you will notice that 99% of the food on the menu pairs well with beer. Coincidence, I think not. Whether it is coincidental or by design it's all good. Collapse

  9. Agora-Happy-Hour

    Agora is Washington, DC's go-to Mediterranean restaurant located in the DuPont Circle neighborhood. Executive Chefs prepare an all-small plates menu offering a variety of eclectic flavors taken from dishes inspired by the cuisines of Turkey, Lebanon and Greece. Agora's wine menu has won the Wine Spectators "Award of Excellence" Read More every year since they had opened in 2010. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of wine or a season veteran you will leave Agora having enjoyed fine wines that would impress the most demanding of wine connoisseurs.

    Agora's happy hour is mostly about the drinks. They offer amazing flatbreads with some savory spreads but it's the drinks that you really want to get your hands on. Some of those wonderful wines that were just mentioned end up on the happy hour menu for $6 per glass. The cuisine is Mediterranean and so are the drinks. You can bet on discovering a new favorite Mediterranean cocktails and it will probably include a touch of Rakia. Better known as the sherry of the Mediterranean, Rakia drinks are dangerously delicious. Be careful because Rakia has a funny way of creeping up on you. We watched in shame as two of our interns went from zero to hammered after a few Rakia cocktails. Collapse

  10. Boundary-Stone-Happy-Hour
    Boundary Stone

    Striving to be the cornerstone of Bloomingdale neighborhood, Boundary Stone fosters a warm and inviting environment where people can get together and enjoy food, drink, music, and good company. The Boundary Stone name comes from the mile markers used to form the original diamond shape of the District of Columbia. Boundary Stone is a Read More place where craft beers and good company are on tap. The staff are genuine and the care and comfort of their guests is obviously high priority.

    During happy hour local DC brews are only $5, hand-crafted cocktails for just $5, and wine by the glass for $6. Plus, a plethora of sandwiches for a steal at $7 and you can pick up some snacks for pocket change or to be more specific, $3 per snack. Snacks don't sound that great on as restaurant menu description but when you’re talking about a restaurant that has won the award for best chicken wings in Washington, DC you know the snacks are going to be great.

    Brunch is a largely celebrated event at Boundary Stone and you cannot have a proper brunch unless there are bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys. Boundary Stone diners can enjoy these bottomless beverages during brunch for $14. With prices this low how can afford to keep the doors open? Collapse

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