10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

  1. Japanese-Restaurant
    Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

    The best thing about eating at this place is the very fact that they pre-marinate all proteins as well as the seafood. All you have to do is put the meat on the flame-grill and voila, you have yourself a delicious meal. You can cook the meat any way you like it. Plus, Gyu-Kaku provides customers with a really awesome happy hour discount Read More on Monday – there are all sort of foods you can try – which the restaurants provide at phenomenal rates – it is your happy hour after all. And if you decide to go there for happy hour you just cannot come out without trying their delicious spicy pork bbq. Plus, you also have to try out their perfectly cooked noodles. Gyu-Kaku is a rather popular LA restaurant and is perfect for couple date-nights, especially on Monday. Can you imagine being served cold beer and appetizers at half the original price?! No? Well, here you will be served with everything, exactly as per your liking.
    The Gyu-Kaku Japanese bbq is located at 10925 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles and you can book a table at (310) 234-8641. Collapse

  2. Misfit-Restaurant-+-Bar
    The Misfit Restaurant + Bar

    Well, ambience apart you will absolutely love the fact that the restaurant also gives you a free cookie at the end of your meal – no biggie right? Wrong! Those are some of the most delicious cookies you will ever have eaten! The Misfit is popular for its really efficient service, not to mention the fact that the staff is so incredibly Read More friendly. If you come here for you happy hour it is really important you try their Jumping Jack Flash cocktail or the Misfit Cocktail, even if you aren’t a cocktail person. The Jumping Jack Flash is made with amazing ingredients, which include bourbon, vermouth, ginger and mint. The Misfit cocktail is made with gin, carpano and orange bitters. And you will also be pleasantly surprised to know that the Misfit also has a wonderful happy hour where you can enjoy their cocktails at incredibly discounted prices. Their popular for their drinks and cocktails, not to mention, you got to absolutely try their Tri-Trip sliders and Baked Mac and Cheese. If you’re in LA and decide to go to the Misfit, be sure to arrive before 5-ish, their happy hour last until 7 pm and it really gets crazy around 6pm as you can image.
    The restaurant is located at Third Street Promenade, 225 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, LA. Collapse

  3. EMC-Seafood-&-Raw-Bar
    EMC Seafood & Raw Bar

    If you are indeed a true lover of seafood – and if you’re in LA, then my friend, EMC is the best place you can go to for exceptional seafood. Plus, you will also be pleasantly surprised to know that they have a happy hour every day from 4 pm to 7 pm. During your happy hour you have to absolutely try their uni pasta and the oysters Read More – for an amazing price of just $1. I mean what more could anyone want? Fresh oysters with the sort presentation you would expect form a 5 star restaurant – at $1! You won’t be disappointed with their service which is fast and efficient. Not to mention if you’re a bit early, just before the happy hour begins, you can get a table on their patio and enjoy your food while soaking up the sun.
    The restaurant is located at 6252 Topanga Canyon Blvd. #1695, Woodland Hills, LA. For reservations call (818) 704-1899. Collapse

  4. Yard-House-Los-Angeles
    Yard House

    The Yard House offers an exquisite blend of great beer with an incorporation of a tantalizing menu. The sports bar is a comfortable retreat for travelers looking for good food, drinks and a happy hour to celebrate any make-believe or actual occasion, after all drinks and food come at half price. Yard House was one of the few restaurant Read More chains that opened on top of the waters of Long Beach more than 20 years ago. And since then it has been a place of comfort and joy for people that come to enjoy the restaurant for discounted pizzas, burgers and drinks. The restaurant is perfect for a late night happy hour. The restaurant has one best selection of beers and micro-breweries in town. If you’re in Los Angeles and want to enjoy a happy hour while wining and dining with your friends or loved ones, Yard House is undoubtedly the best option.
    The sports bar is located at 401 Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach, LA and you call to make a reservation at (562) 628-0455. Collapse

  5. Public-School-L-A-Restaurants
    Public School

    There is no doubt about the fact that Public School comes highly recommended by a majority of people in the City of Angels, primarily because of its festive ambience, the happy hours and of course, the food, who can forget the food. You’d be missing out big time if you don’t order a plate of fried calamari on the happy hour, the fiery Read More dish will leave you panting and breathing fire out of your mouth, which is why you will have to order some really exceptional beer, of course at discounted price. You can think of it as a free for all. And the bacon cheddar tots, oh my god – don’t come out of the restaurants until you’ve ordered yourself this magnificent, heavenly tasting item. Not to mention the restaurant’s specialty – The Huntsman Burger – which is made with freshly grounded chuck – which is considered as the best meat for hamburgers. Not bad for a night out for a fun happy hour.
    And when the weather is right you can enjoy your happy hour eating mac and cheese at the patio. And the best part about the happy hour in Public School is that you won’t have to wait painfully long to get a table. But I still recommend you go in early, say, a 45 minutes before the happy hour starts.
    The restaurant is located at 9411 Culver Blvd, Culver City, Los Angeles. Or you can book a table at +1 310-558-0421. Collapse

  6. Drago-Centro-happy-hour
    Drago Centro

    In all honesty, whenever I am in LA – Drago Centro is my ‘the’ go-to place for a wonderful time munching and drinking – that too on the restaurants happy hour. The restaurant has a pleasant menu and bar bites. And the last time I was here, I proved to be quite the challenge to remove myself from the restaurant’s unmatchable Read More all night happy hour extravaganza – eating food in the restaurant’s main dining section.
    For just $5, I munched hot flatbreads and a glass of delicious white wine, then I ordered a Prosecco, bubbly of course, and a healthy serving of delicious, silky pasta. The Italian restaurant without a doubt has a great environment, not to mention a great ambience. The chef and owner of the restaurant, Chef Celestino Drago also has another restaurant located in the Beverly Hills, named Enoteca Drago II and also plans to open another restaurant, Osteria Drago, which will be located in West Hollywood. In all, the restaurant serve great food, great wine and incorporates a friendly service. I would strongly recommend you visit Drago Centro the next time you are in LA for your happy hour.
    The restaurant is located at 525 South Flower Street, Los Angeles. Or you can call to reserve a table at 213-228-8998. Collapse

  7. pink-taco-happy-hour
    Pink Taco

    Pink Taco is ‘the’ place to be to enjoy a fun and taste filled happy hour. With half priced cocktails and beers, you can happily stuff yourself with $6 appetizers. Not to mention, you can also enjoy munching on delicious taco as much as you want – why? Well, because they are only priced at $2. I mean, I would literally collapse Read More munching on $2 tacos – and that too from Pink Taco, one of the snazziest LA restaurants you can ever come across. And I know what you’re probably thinking now – Pink Taco, the place where the snazzy décor and expensive fajitas – well, you would be surprised to see the restaurants at their happy hour – it gets difficult to find a seat to sit. At happy hour, for $6 you can get huge margaritas to gulp down and some of the tastiest appetizers to eat.
    And on Tuesdays at Pink Taco you can really load up on a bunch of delicacies for $2, and some of the classiest include carne asada, chicken and mushroom and fish tacos. And for an additional $2 you can drink everything down with Pink Taco’s famous margaritas. If you’re in LA or if you’re from LA, there is no doubt about the fact that you should start going to Pink Taco to enjoy your happy hour with your friends or loved ones. The restaurant offers a full range of diverse, traditional Mexican dishes; you can enjoy your fair share of the Mexican-American fare – from tasty and crunchy burritos with a shot of margarita to the restaurant’s flagship dish – the Pink Taco, which is an original Yucatan taco. Pink Taco has a genuinely casual eating scene – you can enjoy the best of everything with a large group – the seating is awesome. And if you’re with your girlfriend or wife – just grab a table at the Patio and enjoy the view. The restaurant is decorated with festive lighting fixtures, plus, you will be delighted to listen to the frequently playing Mariachi band playing there – boosting the environment.
    You can come and enjoy Pink Taco’s happy hour every day of the week between 3-7pm. The restaurant is located at 8225 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles. Collapse

  8. The-Luggage-Room-happy-hour
    The Luggage Room

    The Luggage Room is what you can say a classy restaurant and bar, designed for people who would prefer to sit down for a quick meal, enjoy the environment in the process and then scurry off to their robust tribulations. There is no doubt about the fact that the restaurant is aptly named. With a dark, almost mahogany themed setting – Read More it is quite easy to feel like a celebrity enjoying their food at the Luggage Room. However, you would come here almost every week end for the restaurants happy hour where you can get a glass of delicious wine for just $4, a pint of beer for the same price and $5 for the restaurant’s signature cocktails.
    And you can enjoy this happy hour from Monday to Thursday, starting at 5 pm and ending at 7pm – they close at 9pm, and as for the happy hour Friday, you can come in at anytime between 5 pm and 7 pm. The Luggage Room’s happy hour is without a doubt one of the best therapeutic undertaking you can indulge in when talking about hanging out with your work crowd and the late night dwellers. The restaurant isn’t that expensive, the food is delicious, the ambience is great and the drinks come rolling. Plus, to top your happy hour of, you can also enjoy the restaurant’s foods and drinks specials they have assigned for each day of the week. For example, swing by the Luggage Room by Mondays and Tuesdays for their legendary Neighborhood Nights where you can enjoy upon ordering your first pizza, you get the second one at $5! And on Wednesdays, you can enjoy drinking half-of wines for $40. The Luggage Room is perhaps the only restaurant in Los Angeles where you can drink to your heart’s content.
    The Luggage Room has been a loved Pizzeria, which gradually evolved into serving gluten free as well as organic varieties of different pizzas. The restaurant is all about serving fresh food and you can come by it at any day of the week at 260 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105. Collapse

  9. Saint-Felix
    Saint Felix

    Saint Felix is another jolly place to wind and dine loved by both the locals and the travelers. Saint Felix is quite famous for its happy hour, where you can drink your favorite beers and have signature cocktails made for you at half price. Along with that, you can enjoy a tasty bite to eat for bar snacks for just $5. Plus, Saint Felix Read More has a 4pm to 8pm happy hour every single day of the week. You will absolutely love the place. I mean, 4 whole hours of strong shots of good alcohol at half price! What more could you ever ask for? Secondly you will not be able to resist the temptation of ordering Sangria a second or a third or a fourth time – Saint Felix is the best place to have them. Furthermore, f you’re a fan of Kobe sliders who can enjoy them at $5 that too with a side order of sweet potato French fries.
    Everything about Saint Felix’s happy hour is absolutely to die for. I mean, there are so many things you can try in the 4 hours you are there. And don’t forget to try their heavenly tasting mac ‘n’ cheese. Moreover, the service of the restaurant is enthralling and nothing less short of perfect. The waitstaff is friendly and pleasant to engage a conversation with regardless of where you’re travelling from Hollywood or a nearby location. Plus, the bartenders at the restaurants are hailed as fine experts at mixing drinks to make something that transcends expectations. On the Boulevard, there is no happy hour sweeter and more enjoyable than the one you can attend at Saint Felix. And another thing you will be quite happy about is the fact that the restaurant is rarely bustling with crowd – and even if they do have a busy night – you will never feel as if you’re going to suffocate.
    If you’re in LA or traveling to LA and beyond, come by Saint Felix at 1602 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, LA. Collapse

  10. Thirsty-Crow
    Thirsty Crow

    The Thirst Crow is popular for its signature cocktails, which you can enjoy for $5. These cocktails are some of the best in LA. The happy hour at the Thirsty Crow starts at 5 pm and ends at 8pm from Monday to Saturday. And on Sunday you can enjoy your happy hour from 2pm to 8pm. The Thirsty Crow already has a wide following in Los Angeles. Read More And for people who have deep love for quality cocktails and drinks, this place has become a haven. However, when it’s not happy hour at the Thirsty Crow, I doubt you would be willing to try their carefully, intricately and lovingly made cocktails at $12 a pop, I thought not. Well, that is why they have their happy hour, so that people like you and me can drink to our heart’s content for $5. And if you’re here, don’t leave without having their Moscow Mule, Manhattans or the elusive, incredibly exciting Dark’n’Stormy.
    And at that price you can try all three of these wonderful cocktails, which would bring your bill to just $15. Not bad at all. Plus, with flexible happy hour days, even if you can’t make it on a regular day because of work, you can always come strolling in on a Saturday or Sunday. The restaurant is located at 2939 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles. Collapse

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