Best Restaurants in NYC

  1. annisa-new-york

    Annisa is a proud establishment of one Anita Lo; the restaurant is over 10 years old and is the West Village flagship of its proud owner. However, the restaurant closed down for a bit after a fire broke out last year. But having said that, before the unfortunate even transpired, the restaurant was famous for its casual BBQ-scene, which Read More was also subject to controversy and had opened and closed. On the other hand, the owner, Anita Lo also owns and runs a string of restaurant chains named Lo’s Rickshaw Dumpling Bar.

    Anita was busy reviving the restaurant, and the effort was certainly worthwhile as Annisa has been fully rebuild and still lives up to its reputation for awesome food. Lo’s menu is short and incredibly well-balanced – which means you can expect the menu not to contain a plethora of pork dishes or a bustle of side dishes or snacks or appetizers.

    Anita has taken a singular approach to fine dining and a late night happy hour, which is what most people desire because it is precise and old fashioned. While it is true that few menu items can seem a bit too old fashioned, you have to absolutely try her Sino French take on a variety of soup dumplings, complemented by foie gras, which is in the center and a slightly seared foie placed on the top – it is indeed something out of heaven.

    The wonderful, yet homely restaurant is located at 13 Barrow St, New York, NY 10014. Collapse

  2. jean-georges
    Jean Georges

    Unlike numerous of its especially boasted counterparts, Jean Georges is yet to dwindle in terms of taste and ambience. The food there is still topnotch and delightfully exhilarating. One of their top dished include a velvety foie gras terrine complemented with spiced fig jam, the foie gras is coated in a thin brûlée shell served on Read More top of a wonderful array of vegetables, which include asparagus, morels and tomatoes.

    When you talk about dessert in Jean Georges, the restaurants pastry chef Jonny Luzzini will prepare a wonderful thing called “Late Harvest” – the dessert includes a peach sorbet, served with a verbena poached pear, with a dazzle of melon soup, which includes ‘Vanilla noodles’, you don’t get any more exotic than this.

    If you’re in town and looking for an exhilarating restaurant to enjoy your happy hour, Jean Georges is located at Trump International Hotel & Tower Central Park, 1 Central Park West, NY 10023. Collapse

  3. la-caverna
    La Caverna

    Some people call this bar/restaurant the hidden playground underground. Although the crowd keeps on pouring over the weekends, the atmosphere and the energy in the bar is enchanting and mesmerizing. You have to give to the restaurant's owner Nick Ajdari, who made it a spectacular effort to provide a Roman cave-like construction and Read More ambience inside. If you're in NYC for a short while, it is absolutely essential that you hang out here and be mesmerised with bar's goodies and an array of drinks for added comfort. Not to mention, there is also a dance floor and hookah lounge as well.

    You can visit this restaurant bar at 122 Rivington St., New York, NY 10002, nr. Essex St. Collapse

  4. le-bernardin
    La Bernardin

    There is no doubt about the fact that NYC has witnessed a humongous change in the last decade when you talk about the city's enchanting food scene. The wave of new and profound diners and restaurants have seemed to topple old world restaurant gurus - making exquisite cuisines and food available everywhere. However, La Bernardin is Read More one of those rare haute French restaurants that have survived this rapid change, coming out unscathed. A proud establishment of brothers Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze - it was founded in 1986 and was made a big part of Gotham. Le Bernardin is still a fancy restaurant, with tables spread with white tablecloths, an extremely refined service and has a jackets-required policy if you intend to have your happy hour NYC in the restaurant's primary dining room.

    The restaurant recently underwent a complete overhaul, where the main rooms of the restaurant have been replaced with leather banquettes - with a pleasant and inspiring addition of a 24 foot mural of a beautiful and mesmerizing sea. However, if find the restaurant's $190 menu or a four-course, which cost $120 too expensive, rest assured you will be pleasantly surprised by its culinary exquisiteness in the lounge area where you can enjoy refreshing and tantalizing bar snacks. For example, for $18 you can enjoy a single serving of raw kanpachi, complemented with specks of wasabi tobiko or for the same price you can enjoy a serving of delicious scallop ceviche floating on a some grassy olive oil. The cocktails of Greg Seider is another thing that can make your trip to La Bernardin a special one. With stunning creations like Pisco Gaudi, which you can enjoy for $16 is made with exquisite Peruvian brandy, which is complemented with some smoked parika and a tinge of saffron along with egg whites.

    You can visit this awesome restaurant at 155 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019. Collapse

  5. bouley

    The Bouley of the past was once one of NYC's top-most go-to haute culinary restaurants. However, over the decades, Bouley has transformed into something excessively marginal. But the chef's classic and focused dedication to instill and refine the late 80' s environment and ambience is still breathtaking to this date then Read More it was 22 years ago, when it was established. The new and upgraded locale is, you can say, a neat and modern version of the old one. Astonishingly, the restaurant still has those aromatic apples, which played a big part in welcoming customers through the door at the entrance. But now, there are more apples to greet you - or rather, an entire wall of apples place on wooden shelves. The ceilings of the establishment are painted golden and have also been vaulted.

    However, it is important to state that the new Bouley has no regard for today's economic realities. Instead you might find prices here a bit over the top, but completely worth it. And that is all due to the aesthetics of running the place - the entrance door is made from hand-carved wood, the seating is coated with velvet and the food is served in gilt-edged top of the line porcelain. The excess of velvet in the restaurant puts the nearby Liberace Museum to shame.

    The service is topnotch, expect nothing less than a buttoned-up service, with a team of waiters all wearing black ties - is a highly professional touch. The food on the other hand is something totally out of this world, and should boost your happy hour NYC experience. The presentation is gorgeous and you will cringe at disrupting the beauty of food as you take a bit. At the Bouley, you will experience a fresh taste of the sea with its briny raw oysters, which are complemented and wrapped in slightly steamed scallop with a dazzle of osetra caviar. Another great appetizer that you will absolutely find divine is a slowly poached egg, complemented with a pool of buttery polenta and some delicious sunchoke puree, served with coconut-garlic broth and lightly sliced Serrano ham pieces.

    When you talk about drinks, you should try their $88 Vouvray Sec made by Domaine du Clos Naudin, which isn't even nearly as pricey as some of its other liquid sensations. For lunch, try the Bouley's butter poached lobster served with specially made pomegranate pinot noir sauce, complemented with some chicken and almond puree. The seating at the Bouley is nothing short of perfectly-comfortable, and to make things romantic you can also sit next to a fireplace admiring the aesthetics of the restaurant and enjoy the food.

    You can visit the restaurant at 163 Duane St, New York, NY 10013. Collapse

  6. eleven-madison-park
    Eleven Madison Park

    Some of the best eating places in the world are often their own critics, and that is primarily because of the fact that they are constantly reinventing their establishments to keep up away with rapidly increasing modernity and the cater to the upscale demands of a refined clientele. And when you talk about the titans in the world of delicious, Read More sophisticated dining, Eleven Madison Park has made its eternal mark - the restaurant through its journey to providing with wonderful food as picked up quite the accolades, some of which include the Michelin, being named in the top best 50 restaurants in the world and the James Beard Foundation.

    The restaurant was bought from the hands of the legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer by two gurus of culinary reinvention; chef Daniel Humm and his partner his financial partner Will Guidara. These two absolutely enjoy risking their food to gambles and raunchy, completely abrupt shake-ups. The duo is not the sort who gradually tweak and introduce newer concepts to the menu.

    And time and time again they have successfully come up with tasty culinary delights that are absolutely delightful to consume. And this time they marveled everybody by presenting their top of the line 16 course meal, which is primarily themed to suit Gotham. Their menu consists of culinary perfections, which are accompanied by stagecraft as well as exciting tricks. Their menu is totally designed to be of off-course when you talk about your late night happy hour and the old-world titans of fine eating. And while the risk is big, the price even bigger, coming at $195 for the dinner-course, the food is nothing short of perfection, it is totally worth it.

    Whenever you decide to visit this place for an awesome fine dining experience, be sure to select between aged beef and roasted duck while going for the 16-course menu. You could also opt for enjoying a different array of highlight, which include carrot tartare, smoked sturgeon and egg creams.

    You can visit the restaurant at 11 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010. Collapse

  7. gotham-bar-and-grill
    Gotham Bar and Grill

    The owner and chef of Gotham Bar and Grill rose to fame through innovative constructions when you talk about top American cuisines. And the menu at his restaurant reflects his ambition and his dedication to provide his customers with nothing short of culinary perfection. The restaurant itself is a towering example of his personality - Read More it is constructed to be abundantly spacious and high ceilings. One of the most top rated items on his menu include a legendary salad made with beet and mango, complemented with fennel, a dazzling presentation of red onions and feta. But the simple, yet brilliant salad dish - with exotic colors, vibrant, fresh cubes of fresh oranges along with a finely cut, ribbon like incorporation of vegetables on a delicate and narrow porcelain dish screams perfection with a sharp crystalline taste.

    For your late night happy hour at Gotham Bar and Grill, it is a must to order one of the restaurant's premier dishes, which includes juicy and delicious, golden fried shell crabs that have a tender texture - the dish is served with fresh peas, a healthy serving of couscous and ramps. The dish is exquisitely satisfying and bears testimony to the chef's ability to add a high sense of architecture. There is no doubt about the fact that the food at Gotham Bar and Grill can leave a bit of dent in your pockets, but it the food is so delightfully worth it. So, yeah, it is a must to come here once you are in New York City.

    You can enjoy this sophistication in culinary delights at 12 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003. Collapse

  8. per-se
    Per Se

    The rather somber state of the restaurant industry has compelled a majority of restaurateurs to go adapt to a more survivalist sense of things. With some of the most respected, loved and highly renowned NYC restaurants having to cut prices on their prime prix-fixe menus, there is no doubt about the fact that the City of New York is slowly Read More beginning to slither into a more democratic and marginal locale for fine dining.

    With that being said, Per Se's new lounge menu, which is thoroughly designed by Thomas Keller is a shot at providing people with a more reasonably priced menu. Consider it a recession concession. Instead of providing people with a bargained alternative of one of his most cherished dishes, Keller, who is unarguably become one of America's top-most and highly rated chef has aimed to keep things simple, and has attempted to unshackle a lot of dishes from the 3 hour tasting menu. Customers who walk in without a reservation can now comfortably wait in the flagship's refined and refurbished waiting room.

    The restaurant has a more casual setting, and your main course will begin with the same old teaser, which the culinary master has served for a long period of time - since when he used to work at the French Laundry in Napa, with his trademark dish being cornets, which are filled with delightful salmon-tartare.

    The portions on the meals he provide follow the same formula, though the la carte items will cost you no less than $46, the portions served are no bigger than the ones restaurants that charge $275 for the same items do. And what this essentially means is the fact that if you don't intend on blowing that amount of money - you might as well can have a great time eating out at Per Se. The frequently changing la carte menu at Per Se include a dazzling array of fine dishes, one of which includes a sculptural salad with a delicious and beautifully displayed array of peach, fresh heart of palm and some tasty radish rosette.

    While enjoying your lunch and/ or late night happy hour at Per Se, do not forget to order foie gras terrine, which is served with green almond, a healthy portion of butter-poached lobster basked in bernaise mousseline.

    While in New York City you can visit Per Se at 4, The Shops at Columbus Circle, 10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019. Collapse

  9. la-grenouille
    La Grenouille

    There is no doubt about the fact that French cuisine titans such as La Caravelle, Lutece and La Cote Basque have vanished over the years. The only haute French restaurant left standing, and which is undoubtedly and easily one of the best restaurants in NYC is La Grenouille. La Grenouille was established in 1962, is a rare blessing when Read More you talk about NYC's selective haute French delicacies and top rated menus. The restaurant may still give you a nostalgic sense of when restaurants employed the services of stuffy waiters and where chateaubriand were known to exact the highest points of upscale dining.

    Well when you talk about the ambience in La Grenouille, it really doesn't get more snootier - and with that being said, the restaurant does have a set of standards, which include a jacket policy, kids aren't allowed and you have to turn off your mobile phone. The restaurant is generously decorated with a deep red decor, which is complemented by a score of mirrors and the aroma of freshly placed flowers and other decorative attributes. Honestly, if you have lunch at La Grenouille, you will almost feel as if you're starring in an episode of Mad Men, having a power lunch with the co-star.

    But with all that being said, there is one primary reason why the La Grenouille has so impeccably survived extinction, and that is its magic of precise execution. Regardless of the menu - there is perfection in everything from their fried and soft sweetbreads to their savory and buttery Dover sole, which is complemented with mustard sauce - OR whether you talk about the restaurant's five varieties of soft and delicious soufflé, the execution is always spot on, without flaw, absolutely perfect. However, there is no doubt that you have to endure a dent in the pockets - the flawless perfection starts at $95 and goes up when you talk about prix-fixe, three-course menus. Revisiting the past does come at a price you know, but the La Grenouille is undoubtedly one of the most 'worth-it' places to fine dine for your late night happy hour in NYC.

    You can visit this legendary restaurant at 3 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022. Collapse

  10. marea

    The harrowed yet resilient chef and the proud owner of Marea, Michael White, who after suffering a loss due to a complication in a partnership deal, which also result in the downfall of his national reputation, Fiamma, has returned to fold stronger than ever before. The chef has been trying to make a powerful comeback to the world of Read More culinary mastery, which began with his journey through Alto and Convivio and now at Marea, where he strives to serve the sea food lovers with a strong and delicious taste of the sea, enthralling them with charm and a sense of perfection.

    White, along with his partner Chris Cannon bring you Marea, which serves to be their flagship venture in NYC.

    There is no doubt about the fact that Marea is one of the most extravagant restaurants to have recently been opened. And with that being said, nothing in there is anything that won't astonish you. The menu is incredibly big, with of course, daunting prices. The jaw dropping prices as well as the incredible ambience of the restaurant, especially its dining room, which is exclusively decorated with dipped seashells and rosewood walls - displays a sense of the chef's dedication to culinary perfection and his ambitions to provide you with very best of the best in the world.

    Fortunately, the high priced menu items live up to their reputation when you talk about taste and impeccable presentation. However, there are certain things like raw oysters, clams, a la carte of fish with a choice in any type of sauce, side lines and method of cooking don't exactly have the WOW factor, leaving with the though the these things may just suit a regular fish shack much more perfectly.

    But a majority of diners come to the Marea for nothing but the chef's ability to provide them with an array of distinctive and exclusive creations - and since he has joined force with Cannon, White has not refined and thoroughly cultivated his inner foodie, a spark that was missing when he operated his beloved flagship Fiamma.

    While at Marea, be sure to order sea urchin-lardo crostini, which has become a top rated dish at the restaurant. On top of that it is also strongly suggested that you go or the lobster served with burrata.

    You can visit the restaurant at 240 Central Park S, New York, NY 10019. Collapse

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