Cheapest Happy Hours NYC

  1. Off-The-Wagon-Happy-Hour
    Off The Wagon

    Off The Wagon's happy hour is the best place to drive the alcohol into your system without much financial regret. Every day there are multiple happy hours one in the afternoon and one starting in the evening and ends at closing time. When the bar gets busy it’s easy to lose count of how many drinks you had because everyone starts Read More placing massive drink orders. Customers are waving money as if on the Stock Market floor and lightning quick bartenders are firing drinks at them while picking up the cash and that is when it hits you. You are in the middle of a bitchin’ college party!

    One guy starts it off by placing a monster order and jams up the bartenders, “Can I get 4 Kamikazes, 3 White Russians, 2 Whiskey Sours, 6 draft beer, and 15 Washington Apples?” Patrons around the bar with empty drinks in their hands wait patiently for the bartenders to catch up. While they have this sobering moment to reflect they realize, ‘This might be my last opportunity to place a drink order for a while!’ Instantly everyone around the bar has the same thought and starts ordering multiple rounds and backing it up with shots. And that is the last thing I can remember from our time at Off The Wagon but everyone said I had a great time! Collapse

  2. The-Meatball-Shop-Happy-Hour
    The Meatball Shop

    New Yorkers have nothing but "Amore" for this unique NYC restaurant chain. The Meatball Shop serves up the best part of Italian cuisine, meatballs, about one hundred different ways. As you may have guessed they serve meatball sandwiches and yes they are off the charts, savory, goodness made for your mouth. These sandwiches are Read More so freakin' good your head might blow up. Stop any local New Yorker on the street and try to find someone that doesn't know about The Meatball Shop.

    If you are there during the Late Night Happy Hour be sure to ask about the off-menu Dunker Sandwiches. You can add a beer and a shot to your sandwich for only $6 Sunday through Thursday between 11pm – 2am. This is a happy hour dream come true. It's like finding your perfect partner and then find out they are rich. Well, not exactly but pretty darn close. With five locations in NYC and one in Brooklyn getting some balls is easy. Collapse

  3. Jakes-Dilemma-Happy-Hour
    Jake's Dilemma

    Belly up to the bar and settle in for what could be NYC's longest happy hour. Though we are certain that many have tried it's not recommended that you try and go the distance during this happy hour. Jake's Dilemma serves up a steady flow of drink deals for 13 hours straight. No time for naps when you're move this much Read More alcohol.

    In its third decade of operation, Jake's Dilemma, is regarded as the landmark place to be in the Upper West Side. Sports are the main theme at this bar plus there are plenty of live music events and arcade games to keep you occupied. At Jake's they believe beer is food so if you are like them this is the place for you. Collapse

  4. Down-The-Hatch-Happy-Hour
    Down The Hatch

    Good vibes, cheap drinks, decent bar food, and a happy hour that won't quit. This is a happy hour on steroids so make sure you have UBER on speed dial if you plan to squat for a while. Happy hours this cheap make you feel like a baller as you suddenly find yourself buying drinks for complete strangers sitting around the bar.
    Read More /> Making it rain cheap alcohol is not the only thing you can do while at Down The Hatch. There is a much more dignified side to all the cheap alcohol, bar food, and college antics. Every Saturday and Sunday they have a "Brunch" with unlimited mimosas, draft beers, and select appetizers for $30 per person. In case that isn't enough to do you in there are drink specials offered during "Brunch" and a happy hour that starts as soon as "Brunch" ends. If you don't walk out of here sideways you are missing the purpose behind Down The Hatch. Collapse

  5. Hellcat-Annies-Happy-Hour
    Hellcat Annie's Tap Room

    Rotating local craft beer is what is on tap at Hellcat Annie's Tap Room. Heck, they even have wine on tap, easy drinking beers, cans, and hand-crafted cocktails. Satisfy those hunger pangs with some shareable appetizers or a hearty sandwich. At Annie's all orders are placed through the bartender so don't wait around for Read More table service.

    Annie's Tap Room happy hour certainly offers beer deals by the dozens like most happy hours in NYC. However, the focus is on quality beer and not the quantity of beer. Craft beer takes center stage at this NYC happy hour. Dark and dingy dive bars serving cheap beer are a dime a dozen but this happy hour is reserved for a more refined type of beer drinker. Collapse

  6. Salvation-Taco-Happy-Hour
    Salvation Taco

    Feed your need for Mexican food at Salvation Taco's unbelievably affordable and amazingly delicious happy hour. Boozy deals are abound between the hours of 4pm-6pm. Of course, you can order a margarita or Mexican cerveza during happy hour but we know it's the food that will win you over. Not only is there good food on the happy Read More hour menu it's very reasonably priced.

    Weather permitting, you can enjoy the afternoon on their large patio while inhaling Mexican favorites like empanadas, chorizo hand pies, and chicken and carnitas tacos. Lucky for you, Salvation Taco holds happy hour each day of the week. So there should be no excuse for you not to join the 1,000's of New Yorkers who make the journey for an amazing Mexican happy hour. Collapse

  7. Crocodile-Lounge-Happy-Hour
    Crocodile Lounge

    On any given occasion and under most circumstances, what is better than pizza? How about free pizza. The Crocodile Lounge serves free pizza with every drink purchase. This is not a typo. In fact, this is what legends are made of. Sure they could call it artisan pizza and charge you up the whazoo but how can you make any friends that way. Read More After all, we are only talking about flour, salt, water, tomato sauce, cheese, and possibly one more topping.

    When you witness another person receiving a free pizza it restores your faith in humanity. Their pure joy and elation is genuine and innocent. Free pizza can save humanity and the world. At the Crocodile Lounge not only are they serving affordably priced drinks but they are saving the world one free pizza at a time. Collapse

  8. Whiskey-Tavern-Happy-Hour
    Whiskey Tavern

    Let the good times roll at the Whiskey Tavern where the bartenders take the spotlight. They provide the kind of entertainment found only in a NYC bar. Everyone is welcome at this no gimmicks local meeting place. Whiskey Tavern's happy hour is packed with people stopping off for a drink with co-workers before heading home. With a Read More steady stream of regulars and friendly bartenders you will definitely enjoy this happy hour.

    Whiskey Tavern's happy hour has a bunch of boozy deals to wet your whistle. And the food & drink deals keep on coming. Check this out, Monday is Mayhem with two happy hours at the same time, Tuesday is Taco Night, and Wednesday night is Rib Mania. There is even desert available at this quaint tavern. Actually, there is only one item on the desert menu: Hostess Cupcake with a White Russian for $10. That qualifies as a desert, right? Collapse

  9. Barcade-Happy-Hour

    The ultimate happy hour for the gamer whose game improves after a few adult beverages is at Barcade. The alcohol infused arcade has all the popular games from the 90's including Tetris, Tapper, Donkey Kong, Mrs. Pac Man, and more currently popular games. Throw in a few pinball machines and some drink deals and you have got yourself Read More a party.

    If you thought that wasn't enough get a load of their Lunch Special: A sandwich with fries and a beer for $15. Tack on a couple dollars for some classic gaming and your bill comes with tip is just over $20. There are several Barcades to serve throughout the East Coast. If you would like to find out more about Barcade.......insert more coins to continue. Collapse

  10. The-Penrose-Happy-Hour
    The Penrose

    The Penrose is a pleasant place to spend the afternoon or evening if your seeking friendly company, good conversation, and solid drinks. Happy hour at The Penrose is a hit but don't pass up the chance to sample their locally sourced foods and crafted beers. For all the wine connoisseurs The Penrose maintains an impressive inventory Read More of wine making their $2 off wine by the glass deal even better.

    Sounds pretty darn fancy wouldn't you say? But The Penrose is nothing but a comfortable, country themed bar with an incredibly thought out menu. With food and drink inspired by Old American and Cork traditions this place will exceed your expectations and your perception of affordable happy hours. This is a happy hour that you can recommend to your mother. Collapse

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