Top Ten Restaurants Las Vegas

  1. joel-robuchon
    Joël Robuchon & L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

    Joël Robuchon, popularly known as the "Chef of the Century" in France serves the finest French cuisine at his restaurants located at MGM Grand. Joël Robuchon restaurant is the more formal venue of the two siblings. You will be surprised to know that it is the only restaurant in Las Vegas to receive three Michelin stars. The Read More place allows you to choose a 6-course meal or a 16-course meal so that you can enjoy a unique culinary experience.

    It is safe to say that Joël Robuchon restaurant is also the more beautiful of the siblings. Housed within the famous MGM Mansion, the place is masterfully decorated by Pierre-Yves Rochon. You will find checkered black and white marble at the entrance and then there is a dining room decorated in purple, black and beige.

    The kitchen is designed by Chef Joël Robuchon himself and it is one of the most extraordinary places when it comes to providing exquisite cuisine in Las Vegas. There are hundreds of visitors that love to visit this quiet place to enjoy “la cuisine de Joël Robuchon”.

    Joël Robuchon is by far the best fine dining restaurant not in Las Vegas, but in the country. This restaurant is a jewel in every sense. That’s right. Whether you talk about service, décor or changing menu, the place would never fail to impress. An important thing to remember is that you’ll have to pay handsomely for this dining experience. The full menu can typically run over $1,000 for two. The bottom line is that if you want to truly understand the meaning of fine dining, make you visit Joël Robuchon. After all, you cannot do any better.

    L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

    L'Atelier, also a Michelin-starred restaurant, is the more casual sibling. You can sit at the counter and watch your exotic dinner being prepared. Signature dishes offered at L'Atelier include steak tartar and quail stuffed with foie gras. Even the desserts at L'Atelier are ones to die for. If you visit the place, don’t forget to try green chartreuse soufflé with pistachio ice cream as well as traditional tarts.

    As stated earlier, L'Atelier is a unique restaurant offered by Joël Robuchon where you can actually see your meal prepared in front of your eyes. The ambience is friendly. In fact, you would love the unobstructed view into the kitchen where highest quality ingredients are cooked, sautéed, sliced and diced to perfection.

    What’s good about this place is that it offers the artistic cuisine of Joel Robuchon in a more playful and energetic setting. The open kitchen space is dominated by red and black accents. Like its formal sibling, L’Atelier menu also includes a diverse selection of French inspired entrees and the dining experience is absolutely thrilling.

    Chef Claude Le-Tohic oversees the kitchen operations at L’Atelier and he believes L'Atelier is not overshadowed by his formal brother. The diverse menu includes simple French cuisine staples and there are traditional full size entrees.

    If you talk about one dish that makes the cut, it would be Le Burger. It is a miniature burger featuring seared foie gras, caramelized red, green and yellow bell peppers and watercress served in a brioche bun. Even the smallest components are arranged as a tower and the structure is kept together by a clear plastic skewer.

    The fries that are served together with the burger are individually crafted by hand into their iconic shape. The dish is served with ginger gastrique and not usual ketchup you would get with burgers.

    The bottom line is that every dish at L’Atelier is exquisitely presented and represents the extraordinary talent put into them. For an unforgettable dining experience, visit L’Atelier today. Collapse

  2. michaels-gourmet-room
    Michael’s Gourmet Room

    As you drive down the stunning Las Vegas Boulevard from Mandalay Bay, you would find this hidden gem called Michael’s Gourmet Room. Located much further down the South side of Las Vegas Boulevard, this popular Las Vegas restaurant remains away from the eyes of many tourists. But the bottom line is that Michael’s gourmet room gives Read More you a chance to experience Las Vegas glamour at its best. It’s the type of fine dining restaurant you would love to experience again and again.

    The place is known for its velvet banquets, exquisite service and great food. The signature dishes include the long forgotten old school menu like veal saltimbocca, real Dover Sole and escargot. Everything offered at Michael’s Gourmet Room including the food, service and last but not least the setting is absolutely amazing. In fact you might be tempted to make a return visit just for the mouthwatering desserts.

    People who visit Las Vegas frequently know that Michael's Gourmet Room is one of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. The place has been serving amazing food for more than 30 years. Though the place isn’t quite large (the setting is intimate and you would only find 50 seats in the gourmet room), the restaurant has earned several accolades not only in menu but also in service and style.

    Some of the more prestigious awards include:

    • Being named as one of the Top 5 Restaurants in Las Vegas
    • Getting Four-Diamond Award for Exceptional Cuisine, Excellent Service, and Elegant Dining Atmosphere
    • The Award of Excellence from Distinguished Restaurants of North America
    • The Finest Gourmet Restaurant recognition from the Las Vegas Review (reader’s poll) Collapse

  3. wicked-spoon
    Wicked Spoon

    Do you want to know where the best buffet in Las Vegas can be found? At the The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas of course, the hottest location for all foodies looking to create some incredible fine dining experiences. Wicked Spoon is known for ditching giant bowls of salad and cocktail shrimps for individual servings that are very creative Read More and artistic. The fried chicken you can find here comes in a mini fryer basket and classic fresh made pad Thai comes in a white cardboard Chinese takeout boxes.

    Much of the food offered at Wicked Spoon, Cosmopolitan is made to order. The dessert options include a gelato bar with over a dozen flavors. Of course, the place has many competitors, but Wicked Spoon has managed to maintain the quality and value when it comes to “all you can eat.”

    Interesting ‘buffets’ have been a popular tradition in Las Vegas for decades and every famous hotel tries to hold a buffet that attracts more people. Wicked Spoon is one place where you’ll find a salad section, carving section as well as amazing sides and desserts in the buffet but there is always an interesting and delectable twist.

    Walking inside the Wicked Spoon gives you the feeling like you are walking into an elegant restaurant. The buffet is tucked away in a peaceful quiet corner and the area is decorated in gold, oranges and warm brown tones the same rich decor as any high-end sit-down restaurant. You would also find several artistic glass fixtures hanging with a number of modern art pieces.

    Perhaps the best thing at Wicked Spoon is that you don’t have to worry about filling your plate too quickly. Almost all items are served in reasonable portions and the buffet area is divided into different sections.

    The salad section at the Wicked Spoon buffet isn’t loaded with lettuce and bland dressings and toppings. In fact, you will find chickpea salad, hummus and pita slices and an interesting selection of cheeses. Next up is the seafood section where you will find an exciting variety of shellfish, grilled salmon and other fish served with tangy tartar sauces.

    The traditional carving station serves favorites like prime rib and pork and there are unlikely items such as roasted bone marrow and lamb. Those of you who love meat would find a number of side dishes to accompany your meaty meal. There are scalloped potatoes along with mac and cheese that has a smoky flavor. The vegetables served with meat include roasted cauliflower with a delicious brown butter taste and a touch of ricotta creamed spinach.

    The Italian food section features the finest pizzas and pastas you would find in an Italian restaurant. Last, there’s an Asian food section offering classics like sushi, Korean barbecued ribs and orange chicken.
    One of the major attractions at Wicked Spoon is the drink selection to accompany your meal. You can choose your favorite wine or cocktail and then save some room for the dessert.

    The dessert bar at Wicked Spoon offers a colorful variety of regular and sugar-free desserts including cakes, cookies, pastries and gelato bar. The refreshing mint chocolate flavor gelato in particular is the perfect way to end your meal. Collapse

  4. cut-las-vegas

    If you talk about the best restaurants in Las Vegas, it’s not surprising to find Wolfgang Puck’s CUT in the Palazzo sitting at the top of the list. The steakhouse is rated as the best by local publications and steak fans have picked it as one of the country’s top three steakhouses.

    What makes CUT special is the incredible Read More selection of USDA dry aged beef and Australian Wagyu. You would also find some really creative sides such fried organic eggs with creamed spinach and a wide range of homemade sauces.

    Fantastic starters such as potato knishes, tempura onion rings and caramelized onions also make customers come back for more. If you are just visiting Las Vegas consider yourself fortunate, the menu at Cut Palazzo may tempt you to go there a half dozen times per year to indulge in their exquisite main courses and perfectly prepared side dishes. Heck, you can double down and dine there a dozen times per year. This is Vegas, of course you’re going to double down! Right? Collapse

  5. le-thai
    Le Thai

    Las Vegas has been known for its Thai cuisine for years and the Strip has remained a Thai foodie favorite spot ever since. While Le Thai is a new entry in town, it has suddenly changed the eating trends. Thai food lovers are falling in love with the flavorful interpretations of Thai classics and of course innovative specialties, at affordable Read More prices. The food at Le Thai is exceptionally good and the most popular favorites include awesome noodles, short rib fried rice and three color curry.

    Surprisingly Le Thai is the only restaurant in Las Vegas that showcases Chef Dan Coughlin’s famous 3 color curry. The dish actually is a blend of red, yellow and green curry. Other signature dishes include Thai noodle soup and the waterfall sauce. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by the Chef’s Thailand-born mom and grandma. Collapse

  6. estiatorio-milos
    Estiatorio Milos

    Not many Greek fine dining options are available in the United States, but Estiatorio Milos is one place where you can highest quality authentic Greek food. The place is famous for bringing in the finest selection of seafood from across the world. The food is so fresh that you can expect the fish to jump off your plate while you are enjoying Read More your meal.

    In addition to seafood, other signature dishes you would find here include the salt crusted Milokopi. The classic Greek sides and starters such as ultra-thin fried Zucchini slices with tzatziki sauce are must haves as well.

    If you’re still thinking about visiting Estiatorio Milos, you’ve got to read this. This restaurant in Las Vegas is rated as one of North America’s finest Greek restaurants. Launched by Costas Spiliadis, this buzzing place offers Mediterranean cuisine at its best. In fact it is known to have an untarnished reputation when it comes to serving the best and freshest seafood bursting with subtle flavors. When you enter the place, you will find the most delicious fish and seafood from around the globe prepared in the most interesting ways.

    While this space is equipped with gorgeous lanterns, you can opt for dining in an incredible terrace location that allows you to enjoy the authentic Greek cuisine while looking at the mesmerizing Las Vegas skyline.

    The Greek food served at Estiatorio Milos has quite a bit of interesting entrees. Grilled octopus is one of the delicacies where the octopus is served with chickpeas, capers, and kritamo. What makes the flavors subtle and refreshing is the use of Sea fennel, a wild herb that grows on the coastline. This aroma enhances the smoky flavor of the octopus and ensures that you enjoy the dish. Collapse

  7. market-street-cafe
    Market Street Cafe

    It’s not easy to find authentic Hawaiian cuisine outside of Hawaii but most people head straight to Market Street Cafe when they come to Vegas and they are hungry. Market Street is a 24 hour coffee shop in Downtown Vegas where you can find generous portions of delicious Hawaiian food at cheap prices.

    The most popular Read More customer specials at this popular Las Vegas restaurant include the signature oxtail stew (this dish attracts foodies and fans from all over the country and is served daily 11pm – 9am only), chicken long rice, Kalua pig with cabbage, and an assortment of seafood dishes. Other mainstays are island curry stew pot, noodle soup and Chinese style fried chicken. Mahalo, Market Street Cafe! Collapse

  8. sw-steakhouse
    SW Steakhouse

    What is SW steakhouse famous for? Yes, you’ve guessed it right or not. It is Kobe beef! The majority of Kobe beef you will find in Las Vegas restaurants (and throughout the US) is “100% fake”. Why would we make such a claim, you ask? Well starting back in 2009 the USDA had set out to not allow even one single ounce of beef from Read More Japan to be imported to the US. Every single restaurant claiming to have Kobe beef on the menu was lying. It’s a scam going all the way to the top of food distribution chains including retailers, wholesalers, and chefs.

    SW Steakhouse is one of only three restaurants in the United States that offer certified authentic Kobe beef and been approved by Japan’s Kobe Beef council in the United States. Two of the three restaurants offering certified authentic Kobe beef can be found at Wynn Las Vegas. (How convenient!) If you want to try real Kobe beef steak in the United States, SW steakhouse is the place to go. Delicious sides presented with steaks such as brussels sprouts and andouille with mustard cream can be described in two words: Truly exceptional! Collapse

  9. picasso

    Picasso is a place where you can enjoy French and Spanish cuisine inspired by the legendary artist. What’s notable about this place is that the executive chef, Julian Serrano‘s menu has earned the AAA Five Diamond Award 13 times.

    You will be impressed by the views of the Bellagio Fountains and the Strip while being Read More seated in the outdoor patio. The visitors have the chance to choose from three different menus, i.e. prix-fixe, vegetarian and a tasting menu.

    The vegetarian menu in particular includes dishes like fennel and celery root ravioli and a vegetable ragout. The wine selection at Picasso proudly boasts more than 1,500 entries. With incredible views and highly awarded fine cuisine, a night at Picasso is not one that you will soon forget. Collapse

  10. bacchanal-buffet
    Bacchanal Buffet

    The list of best restaurants at Las Vegas would be incomplete without the discussion of Vegas’ favorite buffets. If you’re looking for a truly inspiring buffet with quality menu selection, look no further than the options offered by the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace.

    When you enter the buffet, you will find more Read More than 500 different dishes divided into different kitchens namely American, Seafood, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Pizza, Deli, Japanese, and Desserts. The best kitchen of all getting all the action from the never quite full buffet tourist, pumping out food like a blackjack dealer pumping out cards, the Meat kitchen. They’re not just slinging steaks my friends they are serving up open flame grilled meats the likes of which you will find in high-end restaurants. Conveniently located just steps away from the Meat kitchen you will see a busy buffet employee working a saw. He is the man that cuts all the crab legs in half and he is the sole reason why buffets enthusiasts can consume three times more crab legs.

    Each kitchen has exciting recipes to tempt foodies to come back again and again. You would fall in love with red velvet pancakes, roasted South Carolina shrimp and oak-grilled lamb chops offered at the place. The buffet also features three separate dining atmospheres and a bottomless drinks upgrade. Collapse

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